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6 Questions to Ask Before Making a Career Move

Most of us have considered a major career shift at one point or another.

The decision can be brought on by many types of scenarios. From hoping to escape a toxic work environment, to pursuing a new passion in life. For many, considering a career move can be overwhelming - especially in the beginning. Before committing to a career move, it’s important to consider some key factors. For example:

These are only some of the questions worth asking! In today’s blog post, let’s talk about some of the key questions to ask before making a career move.

1. What is it about my current role that is not working?

The first step is identifying what is missing from your current job, especially if your present situation is the reason for your potential career move. Some of the biggest factors include work environment, co-workers, organizational culture, and job responsibilities. Make sure to identify what is most important to you.

2. What can a new career offer that your current career can’t?

Consider all the aspects that a new career could bring you. Be sure to include both the pros and cons! If you don’t yet understand the finer details, spend some time researching the sort of position you’re interested in. Use a combination of internet searching, reading job postings, and interviewing people currently working in the field.

3. Will you need additional training or schooling before starting your new career?

Certain fields require specific training, certifications, and education. Your transferable skills will not always be enough to get around these requirements. Look into the availability, time requirements, and cost of any required education or training. This will help you make sure you’re up to the commitment.

4. Are you willing to start at the bottom and work your way up?

Depending on how significant of a career shift you are considering, you may need to start in an entry or mid-level position. Consider just how much of your experience applies to your potential new role. Do you meet all the necessary requirements? Research how long it normally takes to advance the ladder in your new field. Make sure you are comfortable with the information you discover before moving forward!

5. Do you have the financial resources to make the new career work?

This step speaks for itself. Now that you know the requirements of your potential new career, take some time to make sure you can afford them. Make sure you are comfortable with the typical salaries in the field. And don’t forget that it might take a while to make the switch. Being financially prepared will save you a significant amount of stress!

6. Do you know anyone who works in the field?

Leverage your network to speak with a connection. Someone more experienced in the field can help confirm whether this career move is the right for you. They may also be able to raise additional questions and concerns that you didn’t think of.

Conclusion: 6 Questions to Ask Before Making a Career Move

No matter how large or small, a career change will always bring additional stress and planning. Taking the time to thoroughly research your new career will save you unnecessary stress and financial resources. Ask yourself the right questions in order to make sure you are ready to commit to this new journey!

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