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Crowdsourcing and changing Recruitment

The latest development in recruitment is the crowdsourcing that is leading to better connections between employers, recruiters and professionals. It is the term used to define the process of recruiting by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, especially from an online community. The concept was introduced in India in 2009 and used to build a pipeline of strong candidates even for the anticipated demand of job along with the existing requirement.

By using crowdsourced recruiting, employers post jobs online and then the recruitment agents provide best candidates to the employer helping them to save money. Professionals will check the best candidates, and then the employers can go through the credentials of the candidates to choose the best fit for their job posting.

Most good recruitment agencies have a bank of candidates but if the right person is not available then they go for crowdsourcing and use the power of the crowd to find that employee, which will mean a happy client and a good fee.

There are number of benefits of Crowdsourcing to the employers and employees and it is helping in modernizing the job industry and the recruitment process. Firstly, it saves time and money for both the employer and employee. It cuts out the middlemen that helps in saving money for the employer as they can deal directly with the candidates and get recommendations from the industry people. Also, the employer enjoys lower costs from recruitment agencies and save time due to shorter recruitment process.

Secondly, this method helps in reaching the new generation. As the youth today are socially connected and are more into online, they search jobs differently than the conventional methods of older days. If a company is present online and using the latest methods to recruit, it sends out a positive message to the young employees that this company is in sync with the latest trends and thus can provide better workplace. Also, the old methods may mean missing out on the best candidates who are mostly online and do not go by the conventional ways.

Thirdly, it is beneficial to the employers as well as the candidates. People can benefit by using professionals in their contact and referring them to jobs. This makes recruiters out of the professionals and they can operate from anywhere. Crowdsourced recruitment is also turning out to be a source for them to earn extra money or even turn a full time recruiter.

The other advantage of using this method of recruitment is the speed of operation. Finding a candidate is a tough task but if you have large network then getting the right employee becomes easier and much quicker. This process also means that you get to pre-screen the employees and thus present the client the best of the lot. This method is used airlines, banking and financial services, engineering, internet, automotive, and e-commerce. Apart from these, there are other segment also that have started using crowdsourced recruitment process.

By - Abhishek Agarwal
Senior Vice President (Global Delivery)
The Judge Group India

Topics : Crowdsourcing, Recruitment

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