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Holiday Hiring and Staffing – A Guide for 2020

Hiring during the holiday season isn’t the most traditional approach to staffing. Then again, 2020 hasn’t been the most traditional year, has it?

The pandemic has caused record rates of job loss. Some workers lost their positions. Others successfully adapted to remote work. Still others — most notably essential workers — continued to work, sometimes under difficult conditions. For better or worse, widespread job loss means that a new crop of talented candidates has suddenly become available. And by starting your hiring process earlier than usual, you’ll increase your chances of identifying the best fitting candidates.

By engaging in some holiday hiring, you’ll be more prepared to start the new year. Here are 5 tips to help you find the right candidates before 2020 ends.

Post Job Opportunities Early
Procrastination…it happens. But by performing early outreach, you might save more than just time. Depending on the position and the number of people you’re planning to hire, the application review, interview, and hiring process can take several weeks. Post job openings before the holidays to get early access to a pool of candidates worth moving forward with.

Recruit on LinkedIn
If you’re active on LinkedIn, you probably noticed the #opentowork hashtag (and profile-icon background) circling around. After being laid off, many workers jumped on LinkedIn to update their profiles, resumes, and portfolios. So, if you’re ready to get moving on some holiday staffing, especially for selective positions, LinkedIn should be at the top of your list. If you’re a recruiter, you already know this!

Video Interview First
By now, we’re all pros at Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and the other tools we’ve relied on since going partially or fully remote. Video interviews allow you to engage a larger sample of candidates, with much more ease of scheduling. Given the challenges brought on by COVID-19, video interviewing is an essential piece of the holiday hiring puzzle.

Look for “Flexible” Candidates
If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that employees must remain flexible in their roles and responsibilities. So, the next time you’re sifting through resumes, don’t immediately skip candidates with limited direct experience — especially if they have impressive, well-rounded indirect experience. Look for applicants who are open to tackling new frontiers, and who can solve problems from a unique perspective. Sure, you may not want to stray too far off the traditional path, but just remember to keep your peripheral view just a little wider this time around.

Ask Employees for Referrals
Who knows your business better than the employees who keep it moving forward? Involving your employees in the holiday hiring process showcases your trust in them and your dedication to team culture. Generally speaking, your employees will recommend candidates they believe will be a good fit. Afterall, their name will be attached to the referral.

Conclusion: Holiday Hiring and Staffing - A Guide for 2020

Though it may feel like you’re jumping the gun, this holiday season presents a unique opportunity for staffers and recruiters. By accessing a large pool of candidates before your competitors have even started their hiring process, you’re sure to find some great employees. And with a fully staffed team ready to go before 2021, it will be easier to focus on the most important goals in front of you.

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