The Judge Group has licensed, certified medical professionals available to help staff your COVID-19 vaccination site.

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# 5380111

Distribution of Maintained Accurate Attorney Recor

Torrance, CA Experience : 13 Years Skills : Documentation, hippa, medical records, payments, San, storage area network, Accountant, Accounts Receivable
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# 7091582

Sales Representative

Fort Wayne, IN Experience : 18 Years Skills : quota, THERAPEUTIC, Wound Care, Operations, therapy, Inventory, materials management, service center Degree: Master's Degree, Bachelor's Degree
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# 7091687

Sales Support Supervisor

Holden, MA Experience : 12 Years Skills : Business Development, Advertising, Marketing, digital marketing, CONTRACTS, sales support, value proposition, audience engagement Degree: Certification, Bachelor's Degree
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# 7091623

Dental assistant II

Chicago, IL Experience : 12 Years Skills : translated, sterile, Pediatric, ordering, dental assistant, cbt, Financial Services, Payroll
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# 7091632

Security Officer

Chicago, IL Experience : 25 Years Skills : Security, Commercial Building, building design, Customer Service, greet, answering phones, customer service oriented, retail sales
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# 7091729

Business Development Manager

Grover, MO Experience : 29 Years Skills : budgets, Sales Manager, forecasts, sales plans, Budgeting, regional sales, business planning, Business Development
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# 3321549

Customer Services Specialist and Claim Analysis

Tampa, FL Experience : 10 Years Skills : Cms, paying, Customer Service, retail sales, receptionist, Database, CASH, ordering
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# 7092350

Customer Service Rep Call Center

Palm Harbor, FL Experience : 11 Years Skills : Customer Service, retail sales, customer service oriented, Administrative Assistant Degree: Bachelor's Degree
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