candidate faq

What does it cost to work with Judge?

Finding your next opportunity is completely free to every job seeker.

Are all jobs listed on the website?

Great question. No, often clients ask us to keep their candidate search confidential. We recommend applicants apply for specific jobs that they are interested in, but also submit their resume and make themselves available for un-posted client-sensitive opportunities.

I do not see a specific posting that I want to apply for. What should I do?

Due to client confidentiality agreements, not every job posting that is available will be posted. Remember to submit your resume so that it can be considered for postings that may not be public.

Does Judge recruit for permanent placement as well as contract positions?

Yes. Judge recruits for permanent placement, contract positions and executive-level roles.

What client companies does Judge work with?

Judge's client list includes over 30 of the current Fortune 100, as well as many lesser known successful corporations worldwide. We work with a wide variety of companies in the industries of financial services, healthcare, BioPharma, technology/communications, energy, government, manufacturing, supply chain and many others.

I have never used a recruiting firm. What does the process entail?

Not to worry, the process is simple. To get started, submit your resume directly through, and a recruiter will contact you shortly thereafter to talk about what sort of opportunities you are looking for and what you can expect throughout the process.

I have submitted my resume to the Judge website. Now what should I do?

After successfully submitting your resume, you will receive a confirmation email. Upon completion, you may be contacted by a Judge Recruiter to assist you in the next step of your career, either now or in the future. Remember to keep looking for postings that interest you, and apply as desired.

Will my employer know I am looking for another job?

Judge understands that reasons for career changes are as diverse as the opportunities, themselves. We maintain strict applicant confidentiality in helping you with your search.

A contract position makes me nervous. What will I do when my project is complete?

Judge will work hard to find you in a new placement once your project is complete. Remember to maintain constant contact with your recruiter throughout your project, to keep us apprised of your goals, and to make this transition as seamless as possible.

I have some additional questions, is there anyone I can speak with?

Of course!​ Feel free to reach out to our customer service department to address any questions. You may email or call 800.921.0990 to speak with a representative.

​Does Judge offer benefits to contractors?

Yes! Health insurance, Short Term Disability, and a 401k plan are available for most of our contractors.​