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COVID-19 Update

Message From CEO Martin Judge III

These are unprecedented times. While all of us are adapting personally and professionally to current events, please know that at The Judge Group we’re very aware of our responsibility and need to continue serving our employees and contract professionals, clients and job candidates as best we can during this period of uncertainty.

The Judge Group is operating at full strength and is fully-engaged with our teams, supporting them as they support our customers in a remote work environment.

  • We’re connecting with our healthcare candidates to make them aware of opportunities that require their unique skills and engaging with healthcare providers to offer our support services. 
  • We’re strengthening our learning solutions capabilities to help companies across America continue to teach, train and bolster their employees’ skills through virtual learning sessions.
  • Our consulting solutions team continues to provide managed services solutions for organizations that need continuity of IT infrastructure support and development.

Health and family come first, of course. But we’re also focused on doing what we’ve done for over 50 years and are acting with greater speed, certainty and simplicity in addressing today’s complex business problems.

FAQs for Contract Professionals and Clients

With so much uncertainty right now, it’s important for us to share as much information as possible with our contract professionals and clients. Here are answers to some of the most frequent questions we’ve been receiving.

The CDC has very good guidance on avoiding the spread of Covid-19, so we ask you to review the guidelines:

Email immediately and let us know you have tested positive for COVID-19, and you will receive further guidance. Under no circumstances should you come into the workplace until you have been cleared by your doctor to do so.

Stay home. Your health and well-being are of the utmost importance. Contact your Judge representative if you are sick, do not report to work, or if you are at work, go home immediately. Your recruiter will forward you any information that you will need to know.

Entitlement to sick pay is determined by several different factors including the client and state where you are providing services. For information about your personal entitlement to sick pay, please email

Judge is doing everything in its power to allow flexible, remote work arrangements and is working with its clients to facilitate the ability of our contractors to work remotely while on assignment. There are some positions, however, that cannot be done remotely and there are some clients who are not set up to allow remote assignments. In such cases, your Judge representative will advise you of your options.

Given the rapidly developing nature of this pandemic, we know that childcare and school arrangements are in flux for many of our workers. Judge is doing its best to remain flexible in allowing employees to work remotely to the greatest extent possible. There are some positions, however, for which remote work is not a possibility. In such event, if you are unable to come to the workplace and you are on an assignment in which remote work is not possible, your assignment may end. You may be eligible to apply for unemployment insurance depending on state/local laws. We advise you to contact your local unemployment office.

Employees have a right to apply for unemployment insurance benefits if they are let go as a result of the pandemic, or if they are partially or temporarily laid off or furloughed. Most states have done away with any waiting period for persons filing a claim for unemployment insurance benefits, where they have been separated from employment due to COVID-19. Check with your state’s Unemployment Compensation Board for more information about your right to collect unemployment.

No. We are happy to report that we are fully equipped to fulfill all client services without interruption.

Yes, we have developed and enacted our business interruption plan in relation to the global pandemic. Please email us at for a copy of the plan, which we are happy to provide.

Yes. We are happy to provide flexibility to allow our workers to service your account remotely. Please let us know what equipment you will be providing or if you would like Judge to provide the equipment and please let us know if you have any additional forms or agreements to be signed for workers working remotely by sending your responses to

Medical Testing

Maintaining business continuity is more important now that ever. Companies need a partner they can trust to provide the guidance and professionals needed to prevent further spread of COVID-19. We can recruit, staff, train, and schedule healthcare professionals to provide on-site testing and screening services. We can work with your administration to advise on appropriate screening station set-up and required PPE equipment and disposal services.
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The Judge Group is a professional services firm that offers a variety of options to help you with business continuity and recovery during this time:

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