Corporate Social Responsibility

Much of The Judge Group’s success over the past 50 years has come not only from the dedication & hard work of our employees, but also from the local communities in which we live & work. It is for that reason Judge places a significant amount of importance on giving back to our communities - whether that is in Canada, China, or one of our many offices across the U.S.

Our Core Values influence every decision we make. As individuals and as a company, we are honest, ethical, and accountable for everything we do. We believe that by Doing The Right Thing, we attract the best talent, build lasting relationships, and achieve the highest results for ourselves, our clients, & our community.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy

Judge India continues the practices The Judge Group has established and uses our strengths and influence to make the communities around us better. We believe that our workplace is an extension of the community, and we strive to actively improve those around us. We encourage our employees to bring their passions to work, because to us, cultural is as important as work itself. This commitment comes to life for Judge India in three ways:

  1. Corporate Culture – We strive to create a culture within Judge India rooted in the communities where we work. We are committed to achieving our corporate goals in an honest and ethical fashion.
  2. Running Responsible Operations – The way we operate our business promises to be mindful of the impact on society; whether that is environmentally, socially, or economically.
  3. Getting Through Giving – We utilize the collective power of Judge India to better our community by giving back to like-minded charities and initiatives through service and philanthropy. In everything we do, we are committed to meeting needs and exceeding expectations. Whether it’s through charitable contributions, donations, or taking part in fundraisers & events, Judge India does its best by the community to help it thrive.

Core Values at Work

At Judge it is important that we live by our Core Values and put them into action. In the workplace, in the community, and in our personal lives we strive to Get Through Giving. Below are a few examples of our employees and offices making an impact in the community:

Corporate Philanthropy – The Judge Group has been a longtime supporter of the ALS Association. By participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge across all 35 plus locations and the Annual Walk to Defeat ALS, Judge, our employees, and their families have raised awareness and thousands of dollars for of this cause. Each year Judge donates tens of thousands of dollars to charities across a wide variety of causes and locations.

Supporting the Local Community – The Judge Group spearheads a food drive in the Philadelphia area to support a local food bank. In 2017, Judge, with the support of several local partnering businesses, donated over 600 lbs. of food from four of its offices.

Employee Passion Projects – We encourage our employees to bring their passions to work. When those passions align with our Core Values, we are happy to get involved as a company. One such example was a recent Career Wardrobe Clothing Drive. A local employee had worked with a community based nonprofit organization in the past and hoped to continue their support by providing new and gently-used professional clothing items for men and women. She rallied local offices to provide items for the charity over a two month long clothing drive. In the end over 368 items of clothing, and close to 100 accessories, were donated to help people get back on their feet and into the workforce.

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