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Candidate Engagement, tools that matter!
  In this hyper competitive market for talent, everyone is looking for ways to stand out to potential candidates. According to the CareerBuilder Talent Supply tool, in some markets there are 16 times more jobs than there are candidates. Take New York-based technical infrastructure positions. There are currently 123,000 open jobs and only 7,000 active candidates. Anyone looking to find ways to differentiate to candidates are realizing that a positive candidate experience is an impactful way to attract, engage, and hire talent. 
The Glamorous Life of a Facilitator
  One of the best tools that companies have at their fingertips is the human facilitator who develops relationships, manages change, provides subject matter expertise, and communicates directly to the organization’s employees.
Extend a Job Offer with Confidence After Asking These Seven Questions
You’re interviewing potential candidates for an open position on your team. Those set to meet with you to discuss the opportunity are most likely a little nervous - but if you think about it, things are a little nerve-wracking on your side of the table too. The pressure is on to select the “perfect” candidate by weeding through the underqualified, the overqualified, and the average. The only way to do this successfully in the short amount of time allotted is to ask the right questions.
How to Write a Good Job Description
A good job description is key to attracting the best talent for your organization. In order to write a good job description, you first need to consider who you are trying to attract and what skills those resources need to possess to be successful in their role(s)? Ask yourself, based on this job description would I apply? If the answer is no, you will need to go back and rewrite that job description, so it conveys the right message to those reading it.
Why a Good Job Description Matters
Can you successfully drive cross-country without directions? Sure, you can. But you’ll get lost many, many times before you ultimately reach your destination. You’ll waste gas & time and you’ll be extremely frustrated when you get there, not to mention many times along the way. That’s how I look at job descriptions. They are your directions to find the right candidates for your open jobs. In order to find the best candidate, and to do it as quickly as possible, recruiters and account managers need the best job description possible.
The Impact of A.I. & Machine Learning on Recruiting
If Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future, then Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics are the present.  As a CIO of one of the world’s largest Staffing firms, a Certified Behavioral Analyst, and former Technical Recruiter, I have spent 30 years in what is perceived to be a mature Staffing industry. Reporting & Analytics, Big Data, Technology Innovation, and People & Process are coming together across all industries at a disruptive rate. Those that leverage this will control their own destiny.  As Former General Electric Chairman Jack Welch correctly stated, “Change before you have to.”  
What We Love at Judge
The hearts of the Judge team have been swept up by the romantic atmosphere this Valentine's Day. We found ourselves captivated by the romance permeating the air and started to wistfully think about what we love here at Judge. So in honor of Valentine's Day, here is what we love at Judge.
Developing Your Players
Wow, the holiday season is over and just about all the Football Bowl games. If you’re like most folks, there were too many to watch or even keep up with. But even if you just watched a couple or maybe you focused on professional football, there was a common theme heard this year in all the game commentary, interviews with coaches & staff, and even from the players themselves: “player development” is key to a successful team longer term.
Don't Say That in an Interview, Say This
Getting a job isn’t easy. You need to find the right one with the right company, make sure your resume is good enough to grab their attention, and then present yourself well during the interview process to make the employer want to hire you. The interview process (phone, in person and video etc.) is largely taken for granted. People often misrepresent themselves, undersell themselves, take for granted that they will be getting the job, are overly confident, show up late, and say the wrong things.
She Suffers for Her Soccer
Now that the holiday season is approaching, I’ve started to consider how I can best assist those looking for jobs over the holidays. I am reminded of an important lesson that I learned from my daughter and her soccer coach.
How to Navigate Office Holiday Party Season
Ah, the post Thanksgiving blitz. A time for frenzied gift shopping, gaudy holiday decorations, and, most importantly, holiday office parties. While these parties can be a lot of fun and a great way to connect with co-workers outside of your day-to-day, there are plenty of social and professional landmines you will need to side step.
Employee Learning Week: Participate, Evaluate, Celebrate
In this month’s blog, we focus on Employee Learning Week. Running from December 3rd to December 8th this year, it is a global awareness campaign to highlight the important connection between a highly skilled workforce and organizational results.1
I am thankful for...
As the smell of turkey gravy permeates the brisk November air, we are reminded to take a step back and reflect on all the wondrous joys we have been blessed with in our lives. This year at Judge, we have many things to be thankful for. Here is a small selection of things the Judge team is thankful for this year.
The Judge Learning Solutions Thanksgiving Feast
Holiday traditions are filled with an abundance of celebrations, gifts, and, of course, food. The festivities start with Thanksgiving, a time for sharing and gratitude. In honor of Thanksgiving, we at Judge Learning Solutions want to share with you our special Thanksgiving feast of gratitude.
Why _ Isn't Scary with The Judge Group
Just because Halloween is a time for scary movies, scary costumes, and scary decorations doesn't mean it needs to be a scary time for your business or job search. With The Judge Group, you can rest easy knowing there is no scary monster ready to pop out from under your company's proverbial bed. Here are a few things that aren't scary when you work with Judge.
How to Prep for HEDIS Season
HEDIS hiring season doesn’t officially kick-off until November, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start prepping for your future HEDIS position now. Here are a few actions you can take today to start preparing for your upcoming HEDIS interviews.
Four Stunningly Simple Tips for Leading a Learning Organization
What do you do when your learning organization grows year after year? How can you deliver the same quality and standards to your clients? How do you scale from managing 3 projects to 40? Directing a learning team has both joys and challenges; here are some practices that will help make your experience a positive one.
Don't Connect Just Yet! How to Spot Recruiter Scams
If you use the internet, you are at risk for identity theft, especially as a professional in today’s job market. Job seekers are being targeted more frequently than ever. Whether you’re very active in your job search, have your resume on your LinkedIn & other career websites, or just casually entertaining a recruiter from time to time over the phone - keeping your personal information on lock isn’t as easy as you would like to think. Scammers are creeping into inboxes and voicemails using smart and deceiving ways to appear legitimate. How? By preying on online resumes, job boards, and company pages to concoct the perfect position to lure you in. Why? Identity Theft.

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