blended learning solutions

We all know from experience that learning is not a one-time event. Instead, it's a process of multiple steps and phases.  Blended learning refers to a combination of training methods and media designed to enhance overall learning.  Judge believes that a well-designed blended solution can not only instill necessary skills and knowledge, but also ensure that the new information "sticks." Our blended solutions ensure sustainability, because the less time your team spends revisiting training, the more time they can be proactively problem-solving.  In addition to maximizing effectiveness, when blended solutions are executed correctly, they optimize your return on investment.​

Our highly skilled instructional designers specialize in blended solutions.  They take time to understand your individual business and learning goals, and create solutions with the right blend of learning components.  We examine several factors before designing our programs, including:
  • Target audience profile and preferences
  • Business environment
  • Shelf-life of the training
  • Complexity of training content
  • Desired outcomes
Judge Learning develops a broad range of products to support blended learning solutions, and can optimize each for your mobile workforce.  Examples include:
  • eLearning
  • Instructor-Led Training (traditional or virtual)
  • Performance Support
  • Learning Portals
  • Structured on-the-job coaching & mentoring​
The result of our blended learning solutions is a customized plan, designed around your goals, that fosters long-term effectiveness on the job.