microlearning solutions

Today's learners are often overwhelmed and distracted, with very little time to focus on training during a typical workweek.  Many learners also work remotely or from multiple locations.  For many organizations, microlearning is a great way to overcome these challenges, while still providing training that positively impacts workforce performance.  These small, instructional units or activities focus on a single goal or concept, and can be completed within 5-10 minutes.

Characteristics of Good Microlearning

Like any other training solution, microlearning still needs to be designed with the learner in mind.  It does not just involve moving content to a mobile platform, or segmenting existing training into shorter time slots.  At Judge Learning Solutions, we have the experience to develop a variety of performance-based microlearning solutions, tailored to your organization's learning needs. We show some applications of microlearning in the below image.


Judge's 4D Approach

We use a 4D approach to create effective microlearning solutions.


Elements of Effective Microlearning Design

We incorporate elements of effective microlearning design into our solutions, such as:

  • Identifying approaches that best address the needs of the target audience.
  • Focusing on one concrete learning objective at a time.
  • Curating content that is concise, cohesive, and relevant to learners. 
  • Keeping each learning nugget brief, no more than 5 – 10 minutes. 
  • Designing for mobile learners, considering how each element will look on tablets and smartphones, as well as on desktop computers. 
  • Using animation, videos, motion graphics,  infographics, and visuals that simplify complex information, where appropriate. 
  • Providing links to supplemental content for learners who want a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. 
  • Using consistent styles, templates, and icons to help learners interpret information without excessive text. 
  • Incorporating gaming elements, such as badges and challenges, to keep learners engaged and motivated. 
  • Creating small assessments that learners can take to either test out of some topics or check understanding of completed topics. 
  • Giving learners control over their own learning, allowing them to choose how frequently they practice their new skills and knowledge. 
  • Arranging microlearning nuggets into cohesive topics.
  • Using repetition and reinforcement strategies to facilitate long-term knowledge retention and transfer of skills to the workplace. 
  • Deploying microlearning that is easily accessible and searchable, and  also produces analytics that provide true feedback of how frequently learners access the content. 

Developing and Deploying Microlearning

At Judge, we have experience creating responsive microlearning solutions that can run on any device, using a variety of authoring tools, including:

  • Articulate Rise
  • Inkling
  • Elucidat

We have even developed instructor-led microlearning.  We create a powerful combination of scripted notes, high-impact visuals, and job aids that help our clients reinforce performance of simple tasks in very short timeframes.

All organizations have opportunities to use microlearning approaches to deliver or reinforce learning.  Judge Learning Solutions can help you figure out how to create microlearning solutions that deliver real value to your organization.