performance support solutions

​Different Learners, Different Options

We are proud of our traditional learning solutions, but we also know that access to support materials and more formal courseware can be an important component of learning. Supportive materials reinforce newly-acquired knowledge and skills and reduce time to proficiency.

Judge's performance support tools are custom-designed for learners' needs. They provide easily accessible tools and tutorials that fit the context of the working environment.

We believe that learning happens every day, and formal training is only part of the process. As trainers, we know that 70% of learning occurs through experience, on the job.  Our goal is to deliver the tools and systems that promote learning at the moment of need. Judge Learning's performance support includes a broad range of products that don't just focus on subject matter—they actively engage users. Examples of Judge's performance support materials include:

  • Job aids
  • Quick reference guides
  • Short electronic tutorials
  • Paper-based process flows
  • Infographics
  • Electronic Performance Support
In today's Google–centric world, we all need immediate access to information, especially when client relationships are at stake. Learning portals deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.  Judge's learning portals significantly reduce training costs, increase operational efficiency and reduce errors, all while enabling immediate access to: 
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Job aids
  • Electronic tutorials
  • eLearning modules
  • Process flows
  • Coaching tools
  • Social collaboration
  • Formal courses​
Learning Portals

Learning portals help create an atmosphere of continued improvement within an organization driving increased engagement and efficiency. ​
Learning comes with a lot of information—and material you don't want to lose. Judge's learning portals keep all documents in one secure location—information is safe, just a login away. Our secure site is designed with users in mind, easy to navigate and filled with custom solutions for your team. The platform includes components and features such as:
  • Page templates: Up to four templates with a distinct look and feel for your company
  • Logo and customized header   
  • Custom color scheme (based on design guidelines or logo)       
  • Nested navigation
  • Image capability (additional enhancements available)
  • Data table and secure login
  • Glossary template and search functionality
  • Stores and organizes documents
  • Links to external or internal sites
  • Links to videos or flash multimedia or eLearning and professional services, including:     
  • On-site setup and installation
  • Information architecture consultation
  • Design consultation
  • Single sign-on​