contingent workforce solutions

​The days of running your contingent program through homegrown spreadsheets and out-of-date legacy syst​ems is in the past. If you are not currently able to gain real-time visibility into your spend, report on every aspect ​​​of your process from "req-to-check" or are processing and paying a large number of invoices, then it is time for a change. Judge's VMS/MSP solutions – StaffingLogic – has been built on 40+ years of contingent workforce procurement. We take a consultative approach to help identify the near and long term goals as well as the pain points and develop a custom solution to help run and manage your business.​

Vendor Manage​ment Solutions (VMS)​

StaffingLogic VMS is a vendor-neutral, web-based system designed to streamline the entire procurement process from "req-to-check." The tool can be customized to fit each client's business process, business rules and supplier relationships.


  • Vendor neutrality, creating the best rates for top candidates
  • Automated requisition creation, sourcing, hiring, engagement, on-boarding and off-boarding
  • Electronic approval process
  • Consolidated invoicing and payments
  • Analytics to evaluate and quantify candidate and supplier performance
  • Electronic invoicing easily integrated into any ERP system


  • Real-time visibility into spend
  • Cost savings through negotiated rates with vendors
  • Savings by streamlining the hiring and approval process
  • Mitigates co-employment and compliance risk
  • Vendor accountability through monitored process performance
  • Reduced time to fill and increased quality of candidates
  • Ensure timecard and invoice accuracy

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

​​We bring best-in-class practices coupled with industry-leading expertise to provide customized end-to-end solutions for our clients. StaffingLogic is able to create a suite of services as wide-ranging as each business' needs. Our program brings visibility and efficiency into contingent labor spend categories, and mitigates co-employment and litigation risks—all while saving time and money.​