flexible staffing options

Once upon a time, most companies relied exclusively on full-time, on-site employees. Digital communications obliterated that model. In the last decade, contract work has grown four times faster than total employment. Tasks get done in new ways. On-demand talent is in-demand.

At the forefront of this shift, the Judge Group helps companies engage talent efficiently through flexible staffing.

Project Team Staffing/Statement of Work​​

Assembling a project team for discrete, time-limited projects requiring specialized talent may be the most efficient and cost-effective approach to getting your job done. Judge regularly helps clients build and manage project teams.​

  • First, we meet with executives and managers to define and scope your project and estimate the size of the team required.
  • Utilizing our SMEs, we select the candidates to build your team.
  • Through discovery with your managers and project leaders, we plan the interview and onboarding process.
  • A job description is built according to your specific needs, if necessary.
  • The team is put in place.
  • Throughout the project, we measure and manage performance through Judge's Contractor Evaluation Program.​​