application development

​​​Life moves fast. It has to, to keep up with market changes and consumer demands. Judge understands that businesses constantly face new challenges. And today, keeping status quo means falling behind—companies need to stay constantly ahead of the curve with technology and communication. Our Agile approach and responsive applications can help you not just keep up, but get ahead—in business, and maybe even life.

The software engineers and architects on our team are veteran designers and developers of customer-facing and enterprise applications. We build high-performance web, mobile, collaboration and business intelligence solutions for our clients across industry sectors.

The tools, components and patterns we employ enable us to quickly design and build apps tailored to your specific business and operational needs. To give you a sense of our range, we've recently:

  • Developed an iPad app for a major pharmaceutical company that enabled sales reps to abandon Excel spreadsheets and instead calculate product rebates on the app
  • Helped a Fortune 100 company optimize and redesign applications to improve availability of their sales portal and moved prioritized apps to Amazon's cloud
  • Designed a customer portal for a major home construction company using SharePoint to allow homeowners to watch their houses being built

Our application-related services include:

Enterprise Architecture

  • Mapping business functionality and requirements to technology solutions
  • SOA solutions and legacy modernization
  • Information architecture

Content and Collaboration

  • SharePoint implementation and customization
  • Drupal implementation, integration and customization
  • Document information architecture, taxonomy development, retention management
  • BI Dashboards
  • Unified Communications implementation

Application Development

  • Enterprise development for .NET, Java, Mobile
  • Judge Solution Framework  - prebuilt components, patterns and practices based on industry standards
  • Metrics for teams and individual performance​

Business Intelligence Solutions

  • BI Portals and Dashboards
  • ETL Development
  • Mobile BI Solutions