Maximizing the Value of Your Veeva Investment

​Your organization has invested substantial resources into the Veeva platform.  As a Level 4 Certified Veeva Agency Partner with a long history of delivering modern, multichannel enterprise experiences, Judge is the partner of choice to help you realize a significant return on your Veeva investment.


Our Veeva Practice

Judge’s Veeva practice combines our proven track record of delivering mobile applications, diverse life sciences experience, and Veeva agency partnership to support your unique organization’s needs.

Judge is a Level 4 Certified Veeva Agency Partner, with full knowledge of the Veeva platform which enables us to provide the maximum return on your digital investments. ​


Our Offerings


Our Differentiators

  • Veeva, Mobile, and Life Science Subject Matter Experts
  • Standard Veeva Content Templates
  • Proven Delivery Methodology for Veeva CLM
  • Veeva SDK Boilerplates
  • Custom Build Process for Deployment
  • Multilingual Content Delivery and Localization
  • Veeva Vault API Intergration Boilerplates
  • Approved Email Templating

Top 10, Global Pharma US Markets


Key Success Factors

  • CLM Channel Leader Roll
  • Master Template Creation Services
  • Governance Process Migration/Redevelopment
  • Digital Business Partner Service Provider
  • Digital Content Migration/Redevelopment
  • Marketing and Brand Team Support
  • "Launch Day" Digital Content Partner

Judge is a pivotal partner in the Veeva US Market rollout of a Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Company. We provide not only technology but people and process to support a rollout of this magnitude.