video conferencing solutions

We all know technology is converging everywhere around us. Mobility, accessibility, social networking – it's all changing, and so is our approach to unified communications. With technology constantly evolving, "rip and replace" is often not an option. Our team can tie new technology to your existing platforms, saving money along with a lot of time and effort.

Video Teleconferencing Infrastructure

The technology that supports your video conferencing can be independent or centrally managed. Whether you need a system for a single office or a solution that connects your locations around the globe, Judge has the products and the personnel to deliver the solutions you're looking for, such as:

  • Video bridges
  • Management service
  • Border proxies
  • Gatekeepers
  • Recording and streaming devices
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Video conferencing as a service

In short, we have everything you need to build a comprehensive video solution that unites your team and gets work done faster.​