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Burton Thompson

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

Burton Thompson is an accomplished Senior Talent Acquisition Partner with over 9 years of specialized experience in recruiting for the creative, design, and marketing sectors. Joining The Judge Group in 2023, Burton has made significant contributions to the company’s success through their expertise in orchestrating recruiting cycles and securing placements across diverse creative disciplines. Based in Nashville, TN, Burton brings a deep understanding of the local talent landscape to their recruitment efforts.

Beyond their professional accomplishments, Burton leads a fulfilling personal life. Married and expecting a baby in August, they cherish family time and eagerly anticipate the arrival of their new addition. Outside of work, Burton enjoys pursuing their passions, including playing golf, mastering the art of smoking BBQ, and exploring the vibrant distilleries and breweries in the Nashville area.

With a dynamic blend of professional acumen and personal interests, Burton Thompson embodies a well-rounded individual dedicated to excellence in both their career and personal pursuits.