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IT, Staffing and Learning Solutions for Local, State, and Federal Governments

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Everything from increased disruption and globalization to operational inefficiencies and cost constraints impacts the public sector. At The Judge Group, we are attuned to the distinct economic and social challenges government entities face, and can develop and deploy solutions to help you combat them. Our talent, technology, and training specialists work alongside local, state, and federal government bodies and integrators to streamline systems, improve work streams and dataflows, fill critical talent gaps, and overhaul outdated technologies.

Why Judge?

Judge Technical Services, a Judge company, participates in the National Industrial Security Program. We address both the IT and non-IT needs of your organization, offering strategies and solutions that help you improve the lives of your constituents.

Reputation for Excellence

With a history of successfully delivering business solutions to various public-sector organizations, we’ve earned our reputation as the preferred partner for top government systems integrators, agencies, and contractors.

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Qualified Government Professionals

Our talent and tech specialists understand the dynamics of today’s government systems and carry the required clearances to work on the most sensitive projects.


Focus on Modernization

Judge helps government agencies seize the digital opportunities at their fingertips by harnessing data and insights, upgrading legacy software, and removing barriers to optimization.


Our Government Capabilities

IT Solutions for Government

Public and social sector organizations often struggle to keep their systems timely, relevant, and working at peak efficiency. Our government IT capabilities span infrastructure and networks, enterprise architecture, development, DevOps, cloud migration, business process optimization and IT consulting. As industry experts, Judge will help you improve key processes and in turn, enhance the lives and livelihoods of your citizen population.

IT Solutions for Government

Government Staffing Solutions

Judge’s talent solutions enable government agencies, integrators, and contractors to leverage their investments and achieve strategic goals. Our highly skilled government staffing professionals understand the government sector and have the necessary clearances to work on any technology project. We place a wide array of IT and engineering professionals, including application and database developers, systems engineers, security experts, solution architects, and more.

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Government Learning Solutions

Government employees must possess a range of hard and soft skills, from effective communication to project management. We develop customizable training programs and learning assets for the government sector, allowing organizations to keep their workforce up to speed without hindering productivity or compromising sensitive information. Judge provides courseware on several subjects for a range of audiences, including members of the armed forces, Homeland Security, the Security and Exchange Commission, and beyond.

Government Learning Solutions

Judge delivers creative business solutions — powered by top talent. Contact us to start a conversation.

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