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Job Seekers: Discover a world of career opportunities

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Finding the right fit in today’s unpredictable employment market is no easy feat. At The Judge Group, we provide job placement services that simplify the job search process by striving to match you with a position that aligns with your unique experience and skill set. Our recruiters work with you to understand your individual requirements so they can assist you in securing the right role. We’ve fostered rock-solid relationships with some of the most sought-after organizations in the country, from Fortune 100 enterprises to innovative startups. When you partner with Judge, you open the door to a world of career opportunities.

Why Judge?

Whether you’re looking for a direct placement, contract/temporary, or contract-to-hire/temp-to-perm position, our team of recruiting professionals and industry experts will be by your side every step of the way. one of the top job placement companies in the US, our mission is to match you with a job that not only meets your skill level and experience but also puts you on a path to career advancement.

Flexible Work Options

From remote jobs to on-site opportunities, we’re equipped to provide a range of flexible arrangements that align with your specific criteria.


Trusted Industry Experience

Judge’s talent agents aren’t just recruiters — they are veterans of their trades who leverage years of IT, engineering, clinical and non-clinical healthcare, marketing and creative, government, manufacturing and supply chain, and life sciences industry experience to place you in roles that feel like a natural fit.


Tech-powered Expertise

With our finger on the pulse of the latest technologies, we utilize data analytics and leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to match you with your ideal job opportunities. This technology allows our recruiters to spend more time focusing on job seekers and working to meet your individual career goals.


Our Job Placement Services and Solutions

Virtual Assistance with Marti-Bot

To offer a truly frictionless recruiting experience, we created Marti-Bot, Judge’s virtual assistant. Marti-Bot engages with job seekers through text or email, asking a series of questions regarding your desired working arrangement, commute preferences, which certifications and licenses you hold, and whether you require sponsorship to work in the U.S. All of this is designed to help your recruiter target and present you with the best available opportunities that match your qualifications, experience, and career goals.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Marti-Bot, please contact:

Artificial intelligence help bot

Unlock Your Virtual Recruiter Jamie’s Full Potential!

We’re excited to introduce Jaime, The Judge Group’s virtual recruiter. Have you been contacted by Jamie? This is not a scam, The Judge Group is piloting utilizing this new AI-assisted technology to help screen and engage potential candidates for key Judge clients. We hope that Jamie will be a helpful resource for candidates as they search for their next great role.

Disclaimer: While Jaime strives for accuracy, please note that it’s an AI model, and its responses may not always be perfect. Use the information provided as a starting point and verify critical details independently.

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Personalized Job Placement

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter job placement services or a one-size-fits-all approach. Our recruiters hand-select roles at organizations that align with your preferences and values by conducting an in-depth evaluation of your skills, prior experience, and career aspirations. Our teams are immersed in specific business sectors, which means we have the industry insights and connections necessary to offer job seekers the best possible options on the market.

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Robust Benefits Program

At Judge, we take pride in providing our consultants with a comprehensive benefits package that meets their unique needs. We offer the following optional benefits:

  • Choice of three ACA-compliant medical plans
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • 401(k)
  • Short-term disability
  • Term life insurance
  • Hospital and critical illness coverage
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Telemedicine
  • ID protection
  • Group accident coverage

Benefits package

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Judge, we make the process as simple and seamless as possible. To get started, submit your resume to one of our open jobs on A recruiter will contact you if your skills and experience are a match for one of our open positions. Be sure to check back frequently as we add new jobs daily. You can also click here to read our blog, “Six Benefits of Working with a Recruiter to Secure Your Next Job.” 

Working with Judge to find your next opportunity is completely free. We will not ask for any payment from a job seeker.  

Clients often opt to keep their candidate search confidential; therefore, not all jobs are listed publicly on our website. We recommend job seekers apply online for specific jobs that they are interested in. You can also send your resume to and ask to be considered for any future or client-sensitive opportunities. 

Due to client confidentiality agreements, not every job posting available will be posted. Remember to submit your resume to to be considered for postings that may not be public. Also, be sure to check Judge’s job search frequently as new jobs are added daily.  

Yes. Judge recruits for permanent placement/direct placement, contract positions, temp-to-perm (contract-to-hire) positions, and executive-level roles.  

Judge’s client list includes over 60 of the current Fortune 100, and many successful corporations worldwide. We work with various companies in financial services, healthcare, life sciences, technology/communications, energy, government, manufacturing, supply chain, and many others.  

After successfully submitting your resume, you will receive a confirmation email. Upon submission, you may be contacted by a Judge recruiter to assist you in the next step of your career, either now or in the future. Remember to keep looking for postings that interest you and apply as desired.  

Judge understands that the reasons you might pursue a career change are as diverse as the opportunities themselves. We maintain strict applicant confidentiality in helping you with your search.  

Judge will work hard to find you a new placement once your project is complete. Remember to stay in contact with your recruiter throughout your project to keep us apprised of changes to your current assignment, updates to your skills and experiences, and any changes to your career goals. We will work with you to make this transition as seamless as possible. For more information, see our blog post containing tips for securing your next contract assignment.

Yes, we offer medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and several other optional benefits. 

Feel free to contact our customer service department to address any questions. You may email or call (800) 301-0110 to speak with a representative.  

Meet the Team

Thomas Becker headshot

Thomas Becker

Executive Vice President, Recruiting and Delivery

Robert Petras headshot

Robert Petras

Senior Vice President – Recruiting Operations

Thomas Kolesk headshot

Thomas Kolesk

Senior Vice President - Recruiting Operations

Michael Press headshot

Michael Press

Senior Vice President of Recruiter Operations

Lise Throup headshot

Lise Throup

Senior Vice President – Recruiting Operations

Brian Merin headshot

Brian Merin

Vice President – Sub Vendor Relations

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