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Talent Staffing & Executive Search

From contract/temporary consultants to C-level executives, The Judge Group works across all industries and domains to find exceptional talent for your business. With over 30 locations across the United States, Canada, and India, Judge is proud to partner with the best and brightest companies, including 60 of the Fortune 100.

Based on key client criteria including role requirements, company culture, organizational objectives, and your specific hiring situation, Judge’s seasoned recruiters hand-select talent to fit your needs and meet your hiring challenges head-on. Our top talent staffing solutions and executive search services help to bridge skill gaps, provide flexibility in staffing, decrease turnover, and provide a cost management structure to ensure you stay within budget.

Why Judge?

With deep roots in recruitment, contingent staffing, and direct placement, providing organizations with the right people to power their business has always been at the heart of what we do. Our staffing services include contract/temporary staffing, direct hire, contract-to-hire or temp-to-perm, and executive search focused on IT, engineering, clinical and non-clinical healthcare, marketing and creative, government, manufacturing and supply chain, human resources, finance and accounting, and life sciences positions.

Access to Qualified and Engaged Professionals

For over 50 years, we have curated a robust network of qualified talent across the world, which includes 8 million candidates housed within our proprietary database. Powered by artificial intelligence and constantly improving through machine learning technology, Judge’s proprietary Applicant Tracking System allows our recruiters to find your ideal candidate with speed and accuracy. Additionally, we continually invest in our talent pipeline by certifying, upskilling, and retraining our existing consultants.


Thorough Vetting and Recruiting Process

We manage the entire recruiting process, from strategic goal setting, candidate screening, interviewing, skills validation testing, recommending candidates, and conveying offers to onboarding and performance management, allowing you to focus on what’s important: running and growing your business.

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Commitment to Compliance

Judge’s compliance team understands the importance of meeting and adapting to precise contractual screening requirements through background, financial, and illicit substance screening, and our clients trust us to ensure documents are signed, information is properly handled, and the details get the attention they deserve. We have made significant investments in technology to create the best candidate experience during onboarding and to ensure the highest standards of data security for our contractors and clients.


Our Talent Staffing and Executive Search Solutions

IT Staffing

With candidates working across the Fortune 100, we have the resources to meet any IT staffing need, from professionals who are proficient in emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to sought-after skill sets, such as Java and Python.

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IT Staffing

Healthcare Staffing

We staff professionals across the healthcare ecosystem, including specialized roles such as vaccination and on-site medical testing staff, travel nurses, allied healthcare employees, locum tenens, and many more.

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Healthcare Staffing

Executive Search

As a leading executive search agency, Judge knows how challenging it can be to find best-in-class senior-level managers and executives, and we work closely with you to define what a successful candidate looks like for your enterprise.

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Executive Search

Engineering Staffing

Judge’s deep relationships with leaders in the engineering space allow us to access the skill sets needed to drive innovation in the government, transportation, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace and defense, and energy industries.

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Engineering Staffing

Professional Services Staffing

We place professionals who are at the top of their field, including non-IT roles in finance and accounting, human resources, administration, and legal.

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Creative and Marketing Staffing

From graphic and web design to copywriting and social media management, we have the relevant knowledge, experience, and connections to provide the marketing professionals you need.

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Creative and Marketing Staffing

Talent Staffing Delivery Models

Direct Hire

When you need help sourcing, recruiting, screening, processing, and filling full-time positions, look no further than Judge. We offer contingent, retained, and hybrid search services that can be tailored to suit your organization’s specific staffing needs. Our proprietary Applicant Tracking System uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to match top candidates with open jobs. Combined with our large network and global database of over eight million quality candidates, we provide full-time quality talent with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Contract/Temporary Staffing

When an urgent project arises or your staffing needs change without warning, you need qualified contractors and professionals you can rely on. Judge’s recruiting team can quickly assess your situation and supply employees with the right skill sets and previous experience to get the job done. Our global talent network includes a range of qualified contractors who are ready and waiting to help drive your business forward.

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Unlike other top talent staffing organizations, Judge offers its clients the flexibility of a contract-to-hire/temp-to-perm model. With this model, companies and candidates alike can be sure they’ve found the best match before committing to full-time employment. Our seasoned account executives work with you to understand the specifics of your staffing needs, including what level of experience, skill, and expertise you’re looking for. We use data-driven technology, a global talent database, and decades of recruiting knowledge to select, screen, and place candidates that promise to be a perfect fit.

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Round-the-Clock, Offshore Support for Your Business

No matter where you’re headquartered or when your employees report to work, your business is always “on,” day and night, as are we. Judge supports clients’ onshore and overseas talent and consulting needs through our locations in the United States, Canada, and India. By combining strategic, consultative talent and IT expertise, we supply the best people to help you implement emerging technologies including blockchain, data analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT). We help domestic and international companies scale their offshore talent and technology needs, to ensure consistently high performance, while reducing costs and staying under budget.

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Judge Offshore Team

Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Judge Group is dedicated to embedding a culture of belonging into everything we do – for our colleagues, our client partners, and our communities. As part of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), in 2020, Judge CEO Martin Judge, III took the CEO Act!on for Diversity and Inclusion pledge to act on supporting more inclusive workplaces.

Increasing Visibility to Diverse Candidates

Judge recruits potential candidates via diversity career boards, including Veteran Job Center, African American Job Search, Asian Job Search, Hispanic Job Exchange, LGBT Job Search, Disability Inclusion, and others.

Increasing Visibility to Diverse Candidates

Learning & Development

Getting your DE&I program right is critical to the growth and well-being of your organization. Judge helps you create a holistic approach to your DE&I learning programs and provides you with the support necessary to implement them.

Brandon Hall Bronze Award 2021

Shaping Community Inclusion

Judge is proud to be recognized as part of an elite group of JPMorgan Chase’s Gold Supplier network for our efforts and commitment towards increasing economic opportunity for disadvantaged diversity-owned businesses across our supply chain.

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Judge is a Member of the Following Organizations

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Global Managed Talent Solutions

Solving your most critical resource management challenges quickly and efficiently.

Succeeding in a hypercompetitive marketplace requires high-quality talent with specific skills unique to your industry. However, recruiting, managing, and measuring the performance of that talent can be disruptive and distract your leadership team from your core areas of expertise and opportunities for growth. Judge's global managed talent model helps you improve efficiency and reduce the costs around building and optimizing the right team to help you reach your goals. With this turnkey solution, Judge will handle engagement, project management, compliance, and governance.

Why Judge for Global Managed Talent?

  • Gain a dedicated engagement manager to handle project goals and KPI reviews, build your team structure and resource plan, and establish roles and job descriptions
  • Streamline candidate selection and integration through a repeatable screening process, seamless ramp-up, and knowledge transfer led by the engagement manager, and an automated onboarding process to mitigate business impact
  • Improve your outcomes through a delivery team with highly specialized skills and expertise dedicated to your organization and projects
  • Remove the time and guesswork from performance management through weekly stakeholder meetings to review performance and skill gaps, upskilling of resources as needed, and a resource fulfillment dashboard and reporting
  • Receive timely updates for your leadership team on project efficiencies, improvements, knowledge growth, and lessons learned

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Frequently Asked Questions

A staffing agency, also known as a temp agency or employment agency, is a company that helps match job-seeking candidates with companies that need workers. Staffing agencies may specialize in certain industries or job types, and they can provide temporary, temp-to-perm, or direct hire employment opportunities. They screen and interview candidates, perform background checks, and generally handle the hiring process on behalf of the employer. Staffing agencies are often used by companies to quickly find qualified workers, and by job seekers to find employment opportunities.

Staffing agencies work by connecting job-seeking candidates with companies that are looking to fill open positions. The agency acts as an intermediary, handling the recruitment process and pre-employment screening, such as background checks or drug tests. Typically, candidates will submit their resumes or job applications to the staffing agency, which will then evaluate their qualifications and match them with available jobs. The agency may also conduct interviews and skills assessments to determine the candidate’s suitability for the role. Once a candidate is selected for a job, the staffing agency will facilitate the hiring process and may negotiate the terms and conditions of employment, such as salary and benefits. The agency may also provide ongoing support to the employee and the employer, such as resolving any issues that arise during the employment period. In exchange for their services, staffing agencies typically charge a fee to the employer, either as a percentage of the employee’s salary or as a one-time placement fee.

Advantages to using a recruitment agency for hiring employees include access to a larger pool of qualified candidates, time savings (agencies usually handle the initial screening and interviewing of job candidates, which can save an employer time and resources), expertise (agencies are experts in the hiring process and can offer advice on job listings, candidate requirements, and other aspects of the hiring process), cost savings (hiring through a recruitment agency can be cost-effective, as the agency may have already screened and pre-qualified candidates, making the hiring process more efficient), and specific industry or niche knowledge (some agencies, like Judge, specialize in certain industries or niches, which can be helpful for finding candidates with the specific skills and experience needed for a particular job or industry).

Direct hire (or direct placement) refers to the process of hiring an employee for a full-time, permanent position within a company.

The length of time that someone can be kept as a temporary employee varies by company and depends on the specific needs of the organization. Some temporary positions may only last a few weeks, while others can last several months or even years. Generally, temporary positions are used when an organization needs short-term staffing support or has a specific project or workload that requires additional assistance. Once the project or workload is complete, the temporary employee’s assignment will end, and they may be given the opportunity to apply for other internal positions at the company or be let go.

Contract and temporary roles offer greater flexibility, an opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience in different industries or job functions, exposure to different companies and industries (which can be beneficial for networking and building relationships), the potential for permanent employment, and steady income.

Contract employees offer several benefits for employers, including flexibility (employers can easily scale up or down their workforce as contract employees are typically hired for specific projects or periods, making it easy to manage fluctuating business demands), cost-savings (contract employees are cost-effective for employers as they do not receive benefits that full-time employees receive), expertise (hiring a contract employee can bring in specialized expertise that may not exist in the full-time staff), and reduced risk (when employers hire contract employees, they are not responsible for any taxes, workers’ compensation claims, or employee benefits).

Judge delivers creative business solutions — powered by top talent. Contact us to start a conversation.

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