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Quick and Flexible Staffing and Onboarding for a Major Healthcare Provider

Executive Summary

A Fortune 50 managed healthcare organization required a clinical workforce solution to provide customized care, within a three-month timeframe, to address an influx of 1,600 at-home care patients located across the United States.

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The Challenge: Sourcing and hiring enough clinicians to provide care to 1,600 patients

The organization was understaffed due to an influx of patients, as well as changes to the industry landscape by healthcare reform laws. Within a three-month period, the organization needed to source, hire, and onboard enough clinicians to provide customized clinical care to 1,600 patients located throughout the United States. By doing so, the organization hoped to decrease patient recidivism and increase the standards of remote care.

The Solution: Leverage a vast clinical workforce database to source and hire all necessary healthcare professionals

The task to source, hire, and onboard enough clinicians to provide care to 1,600 patients was monumental for the organization’s internal departments so they partnered with Judge Healthcare, The Judge Group’s dedicated healthcare division, for its customized clinical workforce solutions. Judge Healthcare leveraged its full-service clinical workforce database to provide all the necessary physicians, coding and billing specialists, nurse practitioners, RNs, LPNs, MSWs, LSWs, and other clinicians needed on a flexible contract basis.

In addition to sourcing and selecting candidates for placement, Judge Healthcare managed the hiring and onboarding process for the new clinicians, as well as providing management and support for the duration of their assignment.

Judge Healthcare devoted its independent, full-service compliance team to directing the onboarding of all personnel. This included handling all necessary paperwork, performing and ensuring compliance with strict background and security requirements, and performing licensure verifications and reference checks. In some situations, contracted clinicians were required to submit reports and assessments from their remote locations through a secure system. The Judge Group’s IT team supported this initiative by installing the necessary software, providing training, and supporting it with a full-service help desk.

The Result: Increased funding as a result of exceptional patient care outcomes

Judge Healthcare utilized its premier sourcing strategy and network of healthcare talent to deliver highly skilled, flexible clinicians on a tight timeline. Judge Healthcare handled all the sourcing, vetting, payroll, and work authorization functions. The organization also benefited from the services of Judge Healthcare’s own internal clinical review nurses. These nurses reviewed the social workers’ and RNs’ clinical documentation on health risk assessments the organization required. The nurses provided feedback on the documentation to educate and update the field staff on the organization’s in-home care requirements, achieving a consistent clinical quality score on the project of at least 90%, which exceeded the organization’s goals. In addition to cost savings, the organization increased the standing of its services, improved its patient outcomes, and as a result, received an increase in federal funding based on the subsequent reports.