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Swift Staffing and Onboarding for Major Healthcare Information Management Company

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Executive Summary

A healthcare information management company needed to hire 300+ onshore medical coders within a tight timeframe to meet their client’s requirements and expand the relationship.

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The Challenge: Hiring and onboarding a large onshore medical coding team in a tight timeframe

Faced with a critical payor requirement for onshore medical coding expertise, a healthcare information management company found themselves in a time-sensitive predicament—needing to assemble a team of 300+ skilled U.S.-based coders within a challenging 4-5-week timeframe. The specificity of the payor’s requirements posed a challenge, and demanded a strategic approach to identifying, recruiting, and onboarding so many qualified candidates in such a short timeframe.  

The stakes were high, as successful completion of this pilot project was pivotal to expanding the client’s partnership with the payor.  

The Solution: A dedicated team to identify, deliver, and onboard skilled coders

The company partnered with Judge Healthcare, The Judge Group’s dedicated healthcare division, for its customized workforce solutions.  

Recognizing the urgency and complexity of the task, Judge Healthcare crafted a multi-pronged solution to meet the payor’s requirements. First, Judge assembled a dedicated team of 20 specialized recruiters who implemented targeted sourcing strategies to attract a large pool of qualified onshore coders. Then, they focused exclusively on managing relationships with candidates throughout the process. 

Throughout the project, Judge maintained transparent and open communication with its client. Regular meetings and progress reports ensured the client’s specific needs and preferences were addressed. Additionally, a dedicated contract project manager served as the company’s single point of contact, streamlining communication and resolving any concerns. 

Recognizing the importance of a smooth transition, Judge implemented a thorough onboarding process. This included managing a significant volume of paperwork, encompassing compliance checks, drug testing, background checks, onboarding formalities, and certification verifications. Additionally, a comprehensive pre-onboarding test ensured that each coder possessed the necessary skills and knowledge. 

The Result: A Triumph of Efficiency and Expertise

Judge’s strategic approach and commitment to results exceeded the healthcare company’s expectations and allowed them to meet the requirements of the payor in a timely matter. Judge successfully sourced and onboarded 300+ qualified coders within the stipulated 4–5-week timeframe. In fact, 80% of the coders were onboarded a full week ahead of schedule. All hired coders fulfilled the company’s criteria of being U.S. citizens and W-2 Judge Group employees, ensuring compliance and quality. The coders were placed on a 3-month engagement, providing the company with a stable and qualified workforce for the successful completion of its project.