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Major Aerospace Company Seeks Staffing Partner to Identify 50+ Recruiters

Executive Summary

An American global aerospace company that develops, manufactures, and services commercial airplanes, defense products, and space systems for customers in more than 150 countries required a staffing partner to help fill 50+ recruiter and onboarding specialist roles. The company employs over 140,000 people in both traditional and contract roles across the United States and 65+ other countries.

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The Challenge: 4,100+ contract roles to fill with not enough recruiters

Because of the vast array of services and contracts the company holds at any given time, including military contracts, the company had over 4,100 internal positions open regularly, many of which were contract roles. This number of internal openings left holes in departments and key areas that needed to be filled with extremely qualified and often specialized employees. However, the company did not have enough recruiters and onboarding specialists to meet the hiring demand.

The Solution: Identify ideal candidates with speed and accuracy

The company partnered with The Judge Group because of its successful partnerships with two of the company’s partners and because Judge’s talent and technology specialists carry the required clearances to work on the most sensitive projects.

After learning what the company needed and the specific requirements for the various positions, Judge’s recruiters began the search for recruiters and onboarding specialists. By leveraging its proprietary Applicant Tracking System to specify the requirements and criteria for the positions, Judge’s recruiters could identify ideal candidates with speed and accuracy.

The Result: 50+ recruiters fill hundreds of roles within six months

The Judge Group was able to identify and recommend candidates for 50+ recruiter and onboarding specialist roles quickly, then manage the compliance requirements and onboarding for new employees. Most employees were hired on one-year contracts with some open to the option of a contract extension. Within six months of hire, some employees were on track to extend their contracts while some were likely to be hired directly. Within six months of Judge’s partnership with the company, the new recruiters helped to fill hundreds of roles, helping the company close gaps in departments and key areas.