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Luis Valentin

Director of Sales & Operations, JTS - IT

Luis Valentin was born & raised in Havana, Cuba. Luis migrated to the US in 1995 and shortly after volunteered to join the US Marine Corps. After deploying & serving several tours of duty in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, he was honorably discharged from active duty but remained on US USMC Reserve until 2008. Luis earned a BS degree in MIS from San Diego State University and started his career in Staffing in 2003 as an IT Technical Recruiter. He has been a member of the Judge family since 2011.   

Luis is passionate about personal & professional growth for everyone around him. His primary duties at Judge include business development and overseeing the team’s daily operations at our local branch in Tampa, as well as continuing to grow our Judge brand throughout the state of Florida and the SE region of the US. Luis is an active member of our People of Color & LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Groups at Judge, always pushing for more diversity & inclusion in the workplace. He lives in Tampa, FL with his wife and 3 children.