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10 Overlooked Things that Helped You NOT Get the Job

Have you ever been left wondering how you didn’t get the job offer?

It can be hard to say where things went awry. Our recruiters have been through it all and have heard a lot of reasons why a candidate wasn’t offered the opportunity. Many times it’s something small the candidate overlooked that cost them.

Below are a couple actual reasons our recruiters have been told by hiring managers as to why a candidate didn’t get the job.

  1. Bad Breath
  2. Wearing jeans/sneakers
  3. Bringing a crumpled version of your resume
  4. Chewing gum during an interview
  5. Stains on your shirt
  6. Wrinkled suit, dress shirt, or pants
  7. Showing up 1 (or more) minute(s) late
  8. Not asking any questions about the potential company
  9. Asking if you got the job at the end of the interview
  10. Asking how you did in the interview

And a bonus:

  • Smelling like cigarettes

The next time you're headed to an interview, pause for a moment and make sure you have the little things in order. Don't let one of the above reasons be what's keeping you from your next job.

By: Alex Heck

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