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Growing Tourism and Travel Industry Creating Millions of Jobs in India

The Indian employment landscape is tremendously changing with the introduction of new business models and jobs every year. The job market is no longer a bit similar to what it had been a decade ago. With every innovative and new business model coming into existence, the required skill set is bound to change through all leaps and bounds. Tour and travel industry is one such sector which is evolving at a rapid rate creating more job opportunities for the youths. In the year 2017, the worldwide tour and travel industry turned out to be 10.4% of global GDP with 313 million employees, says the report of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

The Indian Tour and Travel industry is at the nascent stage, registering an annual growth rate of 7-9 percent. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), India is more likely to contribute to the global GDP by adding Rs 8, 50,000 crores till 2020 only through tourism. As of now, there are endless job opportunities for the youths in travel agencies, tour operators, ticketing officers, transport officers, logistics, hotel management, airlines, and cruises. Even the Government of India has taken initiatives to promote Indian tourism by offering employment to millions of job seekers. As per the findings of India Skills Report 2018, India is one of the youngest nations having more than 54% of the total population below 25 years of age and 62% in the working age group of 15-59 years.

Career Opportunities
Tours and travel activities in the age of internet generate new revenue streams as it allows the travel brands to identify versatile preferences and interests of the travelers. Earlier, the opportunities around tours and activities had been dismissed by the job seekers for the industry stood highly fragmented and unstandardized. However, the digital transformation of the industry joined the dots and expanded the tails of small travel brands which relied on phone calls and paper ticketing. Today, travel brands are turning up to technology for producing authentic and better booking experiences. An urgent need for digital marketing experts is realized by such travel brands which can effectively market their services online and win more customers online. SEO executives, content writers, and social media managers are massively hired to keep pace with the growing trend of travel and technology.

As the entire growth and revenue of tourism depend on the travel and accommodation experiences, hotel brands are making the best out of the opportunities to deliver the travelers a luxurious-leisure experience in an affordable package. Modern design aesthetics, better use of digital technology in connecting the travelers, redesigning the communal spaces in the midscale hotels attract more footfalls. The hotels are the new obsession of the entrepreneurs and investors as they are cheaper in developing, require small staffs, and generate more revenue.

Many airlines are also making big investments in airport and fleet expansions for catering and capitalizing on the growing demands in tours. The carriers are now upgrading the fleets with attractive amenities to meet the traveler’s expectations, such as new seats, overhead bins, power for devices, and satellite Wi-Fi services. No doubt, the airlines are in a race to obtain aircraft financing, fleet upgradation, and expansion which will open hundreds of jobs in medical departments, ground services department, engineering & maintenance, and cabin crew. The job aspirants can apply for jobs in the aforementioned departments and get hands on the best compensation package, insurance, and benevolent scheme offered in the industry. Grabbing the opportunity to travel across the globe, jobs in airlines have become the prime choice of many.

Restaurant market has also emerged as competitive with the growing tourism. For restaurant brands to become successful, they have to promote themselves exceptionally well along with offering good food at the best prices. Restaurants have to work on the menu value, quality, right managers, and the qualified staff for projecting agile business growth. Jobs like restaurant managers, chefs, and executive managers are in great trend. Along with the degrees in hospitality and business management, the candidates should have a sound knowledge of the restaurant software such as OpenTable.

Qualifications and Skill Set Required
The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, approved the post-graduation degree in tourism which further makes the candidates eligible for a suitable job in the industry. With a Master of Tourism Administration degree (MTA) from Indian Institution of Tourism and Travel or any other recognized institute, candidates can apply for the best job positions in the industry as managers. The skills such as an in-depth knowledge of Computer Reservation systems such as Amadeus, airfares and ticketing skills, communication skills, management of foreign currencies, customer service, geography knowledge, and expertise in digital marketing directly correspond to well-paid jobs in travel and tourism.

By - Abhishek Agarwal
Senior Vice President (Global Delivery)
The Judge Group India

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