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Holiday Office Parties in 2020: How to Celebrate Virtually

Let’s keep it real, folks — we could all use a bit of lighthearted celebration this year.

Whatever you may celebrate, it’s always nice to let loose at the end of the year — enjoying food, drinks, and entertainment with your team members and colleagues. The holidays are also a great opportunity for organizations to show genuine appreciation for their employees.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many companies will decide a celebration just isn’t worth it this year. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

At this point, most of us aren’t strangers to Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other online meeting platforms. So, if you’re hoping to plan a safe celebration, here are some ideas for holiday office parties in the year 2020.

Share Your Favorite Holiday or 2020 Memory
Before you all hop on a video conference, ask everyone to think about a funny story from 2020, a favorite memory from a past holiday office party , or something they are excited about for 2021. Everyone will have the chance to share and reminisce, and you never know what funny anecdote might start an inside joke.

Game Night
If your office is competitive, organize a virtual game night! Whether your teammates are into cards, escape rooms, charades, winter-themed murder mysteries, or mafia, there are many options available online. Use this chance to bond with your team (while also crushing them, of course).

Celebrate Your Team
If you hold a leadership position, spend some time thanking each member of your team. Share a fun memory you’ve had together and acknowledge their hard work and accomplishments. Your staff want to feel appreciated, and this will help everyone finish the year on a positive note.

Mixology or Cooking Classes
Question: What do you get when you combine great food, great drinks, and great people?
Answer: A successful party. How’s that for a creative holiday riddle?

If you go this route, be sure to send everyone a food or drink kit in advance. Or, send a list of ingredients so they can make the best dang eggnog, shakshuka, or sacher torte they’ve had in their lives. For an even more personalized experience, get your team involved in choosing what they want to make!

Award Show
Do you remember whose Zoom background made you laugh the hardest this year? Or who always knew what to say to break the ice during morning meetings? Plan an informal awards ceremony to recognize how your team members have made the year better.

Secret Santa
Whether you’re at the office or working from your living room couch, Santa can still work his magic this year. Simply move secret Santa online this year, and look to websites that can help you organize it. Prepare in advance and open your presents together while sipping your favorite holiday drink at home!

Gingerbread Competition
All you need to build a gingerbread house are the ingredients, a table to work on, and a bit of creativity. Send everyone a kit and share some of your favorite holiday memories while you build it. At the end, everyone can vote on their favorite house. For better or worse, you may be stuck eating your own architecture this year!

Food or Drink Tasting
Do you have a team full of foodies? Consider attending a food or drink tasting. Open Door Tea hosts virtual tea tasting, Sommelier Company has wine and beer tasting, and Mongers Provision can organize virtual cheese tasting. Just sit back and enjoy!

Holiday Office Parties in 2020: How to Celebrate Virtually

Whatever direction you end up going, make this end-of-year celebration a special one. The planning and organization may be a bit different this time around the sun, but you can still have some good old-fashioned holiday office party fun.

You and your team deserve it!

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