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How to Retain Talent During The Great Resignation

Do you know anyone who recently left their job? Chances are, the answer is yes!

As of September 2021, over 4.4 million people left their job as part of ’The Great Resignation.’ This sudden rise in nation-wide resignation has left many companies scrambling to find new and creative ways to retain talent. So, the question is, what should these companies actually do to offset these challenges?

Let’s dive in.

What is The Great Resignation?

"The Great Resignation, also known as ‘the Big Quit,’ is an ongoing workplace trend in which employees are voluntarily resigning from their jobs…” Employees from all sectors are quitting at higher rates than normal, with fields like hospitality, healthcare and retail being some of the most affected.

Here are some tips that your company can use to retain and attract top talent.

1. Provide growth opportunities

Showing your employees that you care about their career growth gives top talent a strong incentive to stick around. Here are some of the best ways to encourage and provide growth opportunities:

  • Establish a regular training schedule in order to continuously upskill employees
  • Provide professional development and educational opportunities
  • Involve employees in company goal-setting sessions
  • Create mentoring programs for junior and senior staff
  • Implement cross-departmental training

2. Improve your organizational culture

How employees feel about the workplace environment, including their relationships with colleagues, communication between organizational hierarchies, and the company’s commitment to personal wellness are all important factors of a healthy organization culture.

To continue fostering a healthy culture, consider improving workplace values by focusing on employee' health and wellness, providing constructive feedback, highlighting lateral and vertical opportunities for growth, and promoting open communication.

For more tips on how to improve your organizational culture, click here.

3. Show gratitude

Being rewarded and recognized for a job well done can improve and sustain employee morale. Try to be specific about the actions that earned the kudos. Make your gratitude unique to each person and be clear about what you appreciate. The more details you provide, the more meaningful it will be for your employees. In some cases, public recognition can also be an effective way to increase overall morale.

4. Invest in technology

Look into different tech tools that your business and employees can benefit from. Given the recent rise in hybrid work environments, there are many tools and technologies available to help teams work together, collaborate, and coordinate. Embracing these technology options can make your employees' jobs much more efficient and pleasurable.

5. Prioritize health and wellness

Talk to employees and provide them resources to help create and foster a better work-life balance. Support can come in the form of discounted gym memberships, lifestyle, and monetary incentives for participation in wellness activities, or better healthcare plans.

6. Offer schedule flexibility

With hybrid work options and increased remote employees, employees often live across time zones. For this reason, many new hires prefer options to work from home or the office. Offering this flexibility can lead to better work/life balance and help retain talent.

Conclusion: How to Retain Talent During The Great Resignation

Now is the time to assess what elements you can improve upon to retain talent during The Great Resignation. The most important message you can share with your employees is that you care about their well-being, and that you’re working to create the best possible work environment for them, maximizing both happiness and productivity.

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