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How to Thrive in a Multigenerational Workplace

It’s the 2020’s and if you’re reading this article, the chances are you’re working in a multigenerational work environment. No doubt about it, today’s business world boasts a diverse age demographic.

On the one hand, the baby boomer generation is still active in the workforce. On the other side of the spectrum, generation Z is making its grand entrance. Generational differences in the workplace are inevitable, and they bring challenges and rewards.

In this article, let’s take the glass half full perspective!

Anybody can experience personal growth and professional advancement in a multigenerational workplace. Cooperation and coexistence might feel like navigating a maze at first, but there are many ways diversity can work in your favor, regardless of your age.

So how do we get the most out of a multigenerational workplace? Here are some helpful tips from Judge!

Be flexible

One size does not fit all!
Apply this mantra to communication, work style, and how technology is used to share information. You might like doing things a certain way, but be open to what your co-workers have to offer — you’ll learn some helpful tidbits.

Of course, being flexible doesn’t mean you have to sell your soul to someone else’s way of doing things. But by clearly stating your preferences and considering others’ perspectives, productive solutions are always possible.

Avoid stereotyping

Everyone is unique!
Every generation is subject to some negative stereotypes. Gen Z has no interpersonal skills, Millennials can’t commit to a job, Baby Boomers don’t understand technology…the list goes on and on.

Even if some elements of these stereotypes hold weight, they are only averages across massive populations. To thrive in a multigenerational workplace, it’s important to treat every co-worker as an individual. This is the only healthy way to learn, progress, and cooperate effectively. Focusing on stereotypes can hurt your team and overall business.

Learn from each other

Each generation has knowledge to offer!
Make those broad generational differences work to your advantage! Take the opportunity to observe different communication styles, negotiation techniques, organizational applications, and technology in order to improve your own work. Maintaining a continuous learners mentality will help you work with individuals across generations.

Develop Clear Expectations and Goals

Clear goals drive productivity!
If you are leading a team of employees, we suggest you set clear expectations right away. This way you can immediately put generational differences to the side and focus on setting goals. When employees understand expectations from the beginning, they are better able to leverage their similarities, differences, and skills to work towards a common goal. Evaluating each employee based on their performance and offering constructive feedback is always the right way to go.

Conclusion: How to Thrive in a Multigenerational Workplace

Different generations can help create a vibrant work environment. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, so don’t let generational biases get in the way! For more advice about Gen Z at workplace, click here.

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