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Protecting Your Workforce — COVID-19 Screeners and Testers

By Mick Angelichio

If you had told me in July of 2019 that I would be writing a blog post on this topic in July 2020, I certainly wouldn’t have believed you. But COVID-19 blew in like a storm, swept away our normal routines, and transformed our collective expectations.

As soon as it became clear that Coronavirus was a problem we’d be contending with in our own backyard, Judge’s executive team moved quickly to discuss our first strategic steps. Initially, it seemed like a complex question — “what should we prioritize first?” Fortunately, it didn’t take more than a minute for the only correct answer to reveal itself:

Nothing was more important than creating a safe working environment for our employees.

Judge is in a unique position. On the one hand, we are a professional services firm dedicated to solving problems for businesses. But we are also a business ourselves, and we face many of the same challenges our clients do. The reality is, we can’t help our clients succeed if our own employees aren’t confident that we have their best interests in mind. Thankfully, Judge is the 17th largest healthcare staffing firm in the nation, and we have the resources and know-how to protect our employees. For this reason, as soon as Judge began partially re-opening our offices, we strategically placed COVID-19 Medical Screeners at our doors and worked to ensure our employees at our remote offices across the country were safe.

But we haven’t just been using COVID-19 screeners in our own locations— we’ve been recruiting, vetting, training and staffing medical screeners across the country. And as COVID-19 continues its aggressive spread, we anticipate the need to take our services even further. In short, Judge sees a growing need for on-site COVID-19 Medical Testers.

Medical Screeners vs. Medical Testers

Whereas the job of a Medical Screener is to perform temperature checks, conduct questionnaires, maintain entrance & exit logs, and make pass/fail decisions, Medical Testers duties are even more direct. Testers conduct on-site swabbing and saliva gathering services, directly tracking potential COVID-19 outbreaks, and halting them before they can spread. Judge works with certified healthcare organizations to collect, store, and transport specimens to authorized lab partners. When necessary, Judge also places RN’s, Physicians, and Medical Assistants at work sites, as quickly as possible.

Regardless of which approach our clients choose, Judge is embracing its responsibility to help keep businesses safe. To this end, some of our key goals are:

To educate
We will continue educating our network about the critical importance of responsible medical screening and testing. Besides adding a layer of psychological security to office environments, screeners and testers help employees receive fast medical attention — protecting individuals and the workforce at large.

To support
We will continue listening to our clients. It is our responsibility to learn about their needs, challenges, and concerns. Judge is ready to share our expertise and ensure workplaces are as safe as possible. We know how important these roles are, and we take our duties seriously.

To deliver
We will deliver qualified and trained staff, proper equipment and protective gear (PPE), and carefully organized procedures. We will handle scheduling and work with you to develop a custom approach.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we anticipate that medical screeners, testers, contract tracers and even vaccination professionals will be in ever-expanding roles. This message isn’t coming from a place of alarmism, and it shouldn’t be met with fear. More than anything, it’s a call to action. We are living through one of the largest shifts the American workplace has ever seen. It’s vital that our employees work together and feel safe.

Judge is ready to help.

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