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Recapping Microsoft Build 2020 — All Virtual… Still Awesome!

One of the year’s most exciting tech events is now in the rear view mirror. Build 2020 was supposed to take place in Seattle. For better or worse, the fallout from COVID-19 made it a free virtual event spanning a full 48 hours. Here at Judge, we were pretty excited about it!

While Build is primarily geared towards developers and IT professionals rather than everyday consumers, anyone and everyone who uses Microsoft will be impacted by the newest features on the horizon. Did you miss the event? Let's dig into some of the coolest things we learned!

1) Introducing Microsoft Fluid

The most significant announcement at Build this year was Microsoft 365’s “Fluid Framework,” which will allow users to collaborate on dynamic content across apps. Like a more powerful Google Docs, users will quickly adapt to Fluid’s flexible features, allowing them to easily collaborate on projects in real time. This will make a huge difference for project managers! Microsoft plans to release Fluid in less than 3 months.

2) Enhancements to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft veterans will already be familiar with how Microsoft Teams can be used to help businesses collaborate effectively, by organizing communication within team workspaces. From scheduling online meetings with co-workers and clients, to managing office hours, to organizing interviews and consultations, Teams is already a powerful tool. So, what’s new?

Soon, Microsoft will roll out some very cool features in the space of customizable templates. These templates will allow developers to select from a pool of “common business scenarios” and industry-specific templates. Each template will be pre-set with guidance, apps, and channels. Microsoft has also made app building within the Teams framework even easier, as well as improving Admin’s ability to manage those apps.

3) Microsoft Edge Update

A new sidebar for Microsoft’s Edge browser will now allow users to search the web without leaving their current tab. Pinterest is partnering with Microsoft Edge, making it easier for users to find relevant content, via suggestions at the bottom of your collections. Those familiar with Pinterest will already understand how much this will improve the multitasking experience.

4) Microsoft Lists Addition

Another exciting app introduced at this year’s Build, Microsoft Lists is a user-friendly tool designed to help consumers organize tasks, contacts, inventory and more. Lists is easily customizable, mobile friendly, and will track user information and files across Office 365. It’s easy to add an existing List to a Teams channel or create a new list directly in Teams.

Conclusion: Recapping Microsoft Build 2020

Microsoft Build 2020 introduced a range of new tools and features designed to help Windows users stay more connected than ever. With an emphasis on providing new customization and collaboration opportunities for users, these releases will support a range of business needs. Since remote work is likely to remain a staple into the future, these will certainly come in handy moving forward.

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