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Video Interview Tips — How to Hire When You Can’t Meet Face-to Face

Which of the following statements is false?

  1. Hiring talented team members is important to the success of your company.
  2. Meeting candidates in person is essential to establish they are the right fit.
  3. It’s possible to create a virtual hiring process that both saves time and is effective.

The process of elimination gets rid of A for us (duh). So it comes down to B and C. Can’t stand the anticipation? Me neither. The answer is B, and it’s because if you stay organized, you can not only achieve your goals, but in some cases, you can involve your team in the hiring process even better.

Here are some video interview tips that will get you started.

Phase 1: Interview preparation

First, develop a detailed job description, clearly stating the duties and responsibilities of the job. In so doing, you’ll increase your chances of attracting quality candidates.

Second, implement pre-interview screening. By using questionnaires or recruitment software, you’ll be able to refine your pool of applicants even more, moving past resumes and cover letters.

Third, hold a virtual meeting with your team to discuss the top candidates, asking your colleagues to help prepare video interview questions. Value their opinion, as they will as they will also be working with the new hire.

Fourth, test your technology and make sure someone on your team can help the candidate, should they need assistance prior to the interview.

Fifth, give clear instructions to the candidate about how long the meeting will be, what app you’ll be using, and anything else they should know.

Phase 2: Interview

Even though your candidate should already have a sense for what your company is looking for, including your business culture, be sure to give a quick overview before you dive into questions.

Since it can be more difficult to pick up on personality traits in video interviews, you’ll want to ask for specific examples from previous work environments. For instance, what kind of work personalities does the candidate get along with best (and why?), what traits does the candidate believe make for an effective co-worker, and what sorts of supervisors they work best with?

To further help bridge the human-to-human gap, you might ask details about their latest project, hobbies, or what they enjoy doing in their free time. If possible, arrange for a few more team members to speak to your top 3 candidates, taking their evaluation seriously.

Phase 3: Conduct detailed reference checks

If meeting candidates face-to-face is not feasible, thorough reference checks become even more important. Consider conducting them for a few top candidates — not just one. The best way to operationalize your approach is by creating a questionnaire designed to learn more about character, motivation, and work habits.You’ll want to learn things like:

  • How does a candidate work under pressure?
  • What kind of personality types does the candidate not get along with?
  • How does the candidate act when not having a great day?
  • What kind of management style does the candidate respond to best, and worst?
  • When working in groups, what kind of a role does the candidate take?

It is important to make references comfortable, spend time with them, and try to develop a realistic picture about the candidate. Tell references what you are looking for and ask for their honest opinion.

Conclusion: Video Interview Tips

From the time you put candidates through their first screening, to when you send them the offer letter, pay attention to their communication style, and how well they adjust to any changes. Trust your team and stay focused on what you really need from a candidate to get the job done.

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