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Why a Good Job Description Matters

Can you successfully drive cross-country without directions? Sure, you can. But you’ll get lost many, many times before you ultimately reach your destination. You’ll waste gas & time and you’ll be extremely frustrated when you get there, not to mention many times along the way. That’s how I look at job descriptions. They are your directions to find the right candidates for your open jobs. In order to find the best candidate, and to do it as quickly as possible, recruiters and account managers need the best job description possible.

Can recruiters or hiring managers find candidates to submit with an incorrect and / or incomplete job description? Sure. They may get lucky and find the correct one right off the bat working this way, but that scenario is statistically very low. More likely, you and your recruiter will get stuck in a cycle of:

  • Submitting candidates that are not a fit for the position
  • Receiving feedback as to why the candidate is not a right fit
  • Having to rewrite the job description
  • Start the process over

That, my friends, is a monumental waste of time. All the while, your competitors’ recruiters, who are looking to attract the same top talent and who have accurate & complete job descriptions, will be first to the right candidates.

There are many ways you can improve the quality of a job description and my advice is try them all. But you must at least try. The most frustrating part of any recruiter’s day is working off a job description that they know isn’t complete and / or accurate. So, what makes an incomplete and / or inaccurate job description?

Lack of Information

1 or 2 sentences is not a job description. Supply as much critical info as you can and include it in there. If you can’t, you will need to find a way to give your recruiting team some additional information to go off of so they can deliver the right type of talent. You can go to or to help you fill in the blanks by gathering standard job description information for certain skill-sets or go to which is also a good outlet for job descriptions. Regardless of where you go, try something to get that job description as complete and accurate as possible.

Too Many Requirements

A description with a million ‘Required’ skills is also a nightmare. Those candidates are referred to as “purple squirrels,” and we all know how common they are. How can you expect your recruiters to find candidates that have every skill in that description? It’s better to shorten your list down to the most pressing needs and which skills you cannot live without.

Generic Description

Using the same generic description for multiple job postings isn’t going to do anyone any favors either. This description is going to lack the necessary details of the position to attract the properly qualified candidate. Also, if a candidate is searching your job board and sees the same description for multiple posts, they’ll potentially be turned off to your company – how can this position be important if the company can’t take the time to write a separate job description?

Having a good, well-written job description is one of the keys to attracting the right candidates for your open positions. Failing to do so leaves you at a competitive disadvantage, time & energy are wasted and your competition, with their good job descriptions, are scooping up the top candidates. Take the time to craft a job description that’ll attract candidates who match your specific needs and make sure it is done from the start.

By: Mike Press

Topics : Articles, Hiring, Job Search, Talent, War for Talent

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