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Workplace Screening Process

Judge Healthcare provides companies with medical screening services to protect your employees and keep your business operating. We offer guidance on the proper set-up of a screening station and deliver healthcare professionals trained to identify at-risk employees (click the image to view a larger version).

Medical Screeners Process

Hiring healthcare professionals is our specialty. We've been a major staffing partner for some of the largest allied healthcare organizations in the country. We're able to recruit, train, and have screeners on-site in as little as 48 hours.

Once trained and on-site, medical screeners will perform temperature checks and complete a CDC-approved questionnaire for every employee entering the premises. Graded on a simple pass/fail basis, any employee who is a "fail" will be sent home immediately and a company-designated point-of-contact will be notified.

At the end of a shift, the medical screener will provide their point-of-contact with comprehensive documentation, including entrance & exit logs of all site visitors and pass/fail results.

Medical screeners provide businesses with a way to continue operating while helping to keep their employees safe. Contact Judge Healthcare for more information on our Medical Screening Services.

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