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An Infographic History of C# Programming Language

C# (pronounced C sharp) is one of the most popular modern programming languages. Dating back to 2002, it was first introduced as part of Microsoft’s .NET initiative, and it’s evolved rapidly in the time since. Let’s take a walk through 18 years of C#’s iterations, updates, and improvements. Here’s a history of C# language!

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C sharp history infographics


Conclusion: An Infographic History of C#

Now that you’ve taken a stroll through the history of the C# language, you can see that the language has changed quite a bit since its beginnings! C# was created not only as Microsoft’s answer to Java, but also as a general purpose, object-oriented language.

Though commonly used in Windows, C# can be applied to any open-source platform. Due to its broad functionality, C# is used to create numerous programs and applications – including websites, mobile apps, games, cloud-based services, and much more.

Though it’s younger than Python and Java, C# is no less popular, having made many top ten lists over the years. Users range from beginners to expert developers. Since most developers are self-taught, it’s advised that users have at least a basic understanding of code writing before starting to learn. But don’t worry about having to go it alone; there is a large online community to support you. Programmers often use Stack Overflow or to brainstorm, chat with like-minded individuals, or vent about issues in the world of coding.