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Finding the Capacity and Capability for Change

In our personal and professional lives, we are often asked if we have the capacity to have tough conversations or to take on a new project at work. We reflect about whether we are capable of having those conversations without losing our cool, or if we have the skills necessary to agree to this new project. In situations of capability and capacity, we have to ask ourselves: Are we biting off more than we can chew?  

This thought process is especially important when thinking about pursuing organizational change management (OCM). In previous blog entries, we outlined the factors (cost, capability, capacity, and complexity) an organization should consider when choosing an OCM partner, and drilled down on what “complexity” means in this context. 

In this piece, we will discuss the importance of analyzing the capability and capacity within your organization—and how working with an external OCM partner can not only fill in gaps, but also open the possibilities of long-term change within your organization.  


Organizations across the globe are filled with rockstars of their craft, but effective change management requires specialized knowledge and skills. When a company is trying to identify whether they have the capability in-house to manage organizational change functions, take these considerations into account:  

  • Do team members have a solid understanding of change management principles, methodologies, and frameworks? 
  • Do they possess strong leadership skills to guide and inspire others through the change process?  
  • Are they adept at analyzing situations, identifying root causes of resistance or barriers, and developing strategies to address them? 
  • Do they have experience managing projects with multiple moving parts, timelines, and deliverables? 

With the ever-shifting nature of organizational change, these questions are just the tip of the iceberg. Companies that invest in change management expertise through external consultants are better equipped to navigate the complexities of change. These experts bring experience in proven methodologies, tools, and strategies to plan, execute, and sustain change initiatives. Their presence and involvement ensure a systematic approach and enhance the company’s capacity for successful change management. In my opinion, you cannot just “badge” an existing employee as a change management practitioner, have them read up on OCM, and expect them to be effective.  


Implementing change demands adequate resources, including financial and human capital. Taking stock of the skillsets of a team is one thing. But identifying whether those capable team members have the time and resources to plan a change journey—and then execute on a long-term basis—is something else entirely. When trying to figure out whether to hire an outside OCM consultant, leaders must ask themselves:  

  • While a company may have employees that perform an OCM function, are there enough skilled OCM practitioners to support all the change initiatives planned in a given year? Additionally, are there other team members to support the plans or vision of that team lead?  
  • Beyond staff, does the company have sufficient budget allocated to support that vision internally for things like communication efforts, training programs, and technological upgrades?  
  • Is the leadership team prepared to actively participate in and champion the change process, providing guidance, resources, and removing obstacles when needed?  
  • Are potential members of the OCM team encouraged to embrace new ideas, experiment with innovative approaches, and learn from failures? 

 Based on these considerations, as well as the other Cs to Consider When Selecting an Organizational Change Management Partner, remember: If there are questions or gaps in the capability or capacity of your team in the OCM process, investing in a partnership with an organization that specializes in OCM can unlock limitless possibilities for an organization. 

 No matter whether you’re grappling with the complexity, capability, capacity, or cost of your OCM initiative, The Judge Group can help navigate your organizational change needs. Learn more about our organizational change management capabilities, and reach out to our team to discuss possible solutions.