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Dr. Julian
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From the Desk of Dr. Julian: Introducing a series on healthcare topics and trends

Welcome to our new blog series, “From the Desk of Dr. Julian.” I’m Julian Castaneda, MD, Medical Director at The Judge Group. Judge’s healthcare expertise meets the needs of healthcare professionals by identifying and providing the necessary talent across the entire healthcare landscape and developing and delivering training to healthcare companies. As a veteran in the medical field with a wealth of experience, Judge brought me on board to serve as a resource and advisor to Judge, as well as to contractors and to our clients.

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries today. Because of this growth (and COVID-19), the healthcare industry is rapidly changing and is an unpredictable force in our society. Given my experience, I’m here to address medical questions related to clinical work in the field, advise on a safe and healthy workplace, and address changing healthcare trends.

I will be sharing healthcare trends, as well as questions and concerns that arise for professionals across the healthcare industry in this monthly blog series.

About me

I have worked in the medical field as an anesthesiologist for nearly a decade. I am currently affiliated with Reading Hospital where I serve as a core faculty member for our residency program, as well as a clinical anesthesiologist. Over the past ten years, I have had the opportunity to witness broad changes from my group transitioning from a private anesthesiology practice to becoming employed by a hospital network and taking on the addition of a residency program.

Through these changes, I have learned and participated in the politics of hospital administration, presenting me with a holistic understanding of the hospital atmosphere. For this, I am grateful for several reasons, including my having a greater understanding of hospital policy and procedure, and more insight into patient care and safety. Ultimately, my experience is more well-rounded which has increased my ability to address questions and advise on best practices.

My role at Judge

It is my experience that I bring to The Judge Group. I will draw on this experience and knowledge to serve as a resource for Judge staff and clients and provide education as we navigate the changing healthcare landscape and new challenges.

Additionally, I am positioned to advise Judge on medical topics and issues that may impact business here and abroad. Throughout the pandemic I remained in contact with Judge’s legal and COVID response teams to advise on trends we were seeing. Together we determined the best way for Judge to address COVID regulations and maintain the safety of our teams across all our offices.

I have learned over the years that the most successful individuals are those who are able to anticipate what is coming, plan, adapt to change, and focus to improve their position within this rapidly evolving environment. The environment I am referring to is both the immediate one you find yourself in, such as the office or hospital, as well as the political/social/economic environment we find ourselves in. I will address how these environmental influences might affect the healthcare space so that you, too can plan and adapt.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you through this blog series. In the meantime, please email me at with any specific healthcare topics or trends you would like me to address in a future post.