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How to Land your Dream HEDIS Job

Attention nurses and administrative professionals!

Looking for a new job? Start preparing your portfolio now because the HEDIS hiring season is just around the corner.

Healthcare organizations that use the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) are on the hunt for professionals to perform audits, track data, and analyze healthcare plans. Applying for jobs under normal circumstances is already stressful; doing it amidst a pandemic certainly doesn’t make it any easier. Thankfully, Judge is here to help!

Whether you’re an experienced professional or a HEDIS rookie, here are some tips to give you the best shot at landing the job.

For Experienced HEDIS Nurses or Administrative Professionals

You’ve already done all the hard work, now let it shine on your resume! Here’s what to focus on:

  1. Demonstrate Your Experience
    Let your professional accomplishments shine. Emphasize your past HEDIS project deliverables from audits, to medical record retrievals, to data analysis. Showcase your overall understanding of the tool. By detailing your experiences and specific skills, you will maximize your chance of getting noticed by hiring managers. Given the circumstances, you might also consider adding any remote work you’ve completed in recent months.
  2. Use Keywords
    One of the secrets to a great healthcare resume is using effective “keywords.‚Äù Utilizing relevant terms will set your application apart, especially if the initial screening process is performed electronically. Demonstrate your knowledge with general phrases such as utilization management, HEDIS auditing, and medical record reviews; as well as targeted keywords like specific computer skills, RN abstraction, and NCQA. This will help keep your HEDIS nurse or admin resume at the top of the pile.
  3. Highlight Your Credentials
    A lot can change over the span of a year! Review your current resume and update any missing credentials or new ones you may have earned. Your certifications (LPN, RN, LVN, Medical Assistant, coder, etc.) should be visible in their own sections, so that recruiters and hiring managers can distinguish you from non-licensed medical applicants.

For HEDIS Beginners

Applying to your first HEDIS role can be competitive, but if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the field you’ve got to start somewhere! A great way to begin is by finding a role with some HEDIS-adjacent responsibilities. In other words, find a job where you can volunteer to help on HEDIS projects, purely to gain experience. Take this opportunity to learn about documentation management, chart reviews, and scheduling.

Some more tips:

  1. Tailor Your Resume
    List out any roles in which you were responsible for medical records, documentation management, or office management. If you’re a nurse with prior medical assistant experience in coding, scheduling, or auditing – you might have a major advantage.
  2. Use Connections and References
    If you’re truly starting from scratch, having the right connections might come in handy. If you’ve got an acquaintance who works with HEDIS, or one who can introduce you to a decision maker – ask them to vouch for you. Remind them of your past accomplishments, work habits, and HEDIS-related skills or knowledge. If they can praise your ability to learn quickly on the job, you’ll have a real leg up on the competition.

Conclusion: How to Land your Dream HEDIS Job

No matter where you are in your HEDIS journey, focus on your resume and practice discussing your skills, qualifications, and work ethic. Ensure it represents the current you, and give yourself the best shot at earning your ideal HEDIS job.