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Professional Learning Experts: The key to successful upskilling and reskilling

To wrap up our blog series on the value and benefits of upskilling and reskilling employees, we will discuss the importance of utilizing learning and development (L&D) professionals for training programs. Just joining us? Click here to read part one on the importance of upskilling and reskilling to retain talent. Click here to read part two on the ROI on building up your employees. 

By now you know that upskilling and reskilling are cost-effective strategies to fill skill gaps in lieu of hiring new employees. But why should you choose to partner with an L&D provider when you have staff you feel can lead the necessary training? 

Professional trainers and learning experts are the keys to success 

Many companies believe they can upskill or reskill employees themselves. However, they quickly realize that while they may have employees to provide training, those employees lack the L&D skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.  

We know this for a fact considering how frequently clients approach us after having tried and failed to effectively develop their own training tailored to the audience and the environment in which they’re learning. These elements are critical to learning’s success – without expert creation, trainings fall flat and will not have the desired outcomes. 

It takes a village to raise a workforce to the challenge 

Developing training is a multifaceted process that requires learning experts, technical writers, trainers, as well as developers and coders who can create learning platforms. In other words, it takes a village of people to develop a curriculum and the materials necessary to train your employees. This is the primary value in partnering with a learning provider. 

When you partner with Judge Learning Solutions, you benefit from our experienced staff skilled in all facets of the learning and development process. As a leading provider of corporate learning services for companies of all sizes and industries, Judge employs a strategic approach to learning that meets your organizational training goals while strengthening business outcomes.  

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