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Top Computer Programming Languages

The world around us is experiencing a digital makeover.

This makes programming one of the most desired skills today. Indeed, CEOs in every industry are on the hunt for employees with coding skills – great news for the technologically inclined. Just because there is demand doesn’t mean it’s easy to get started! If you are new to the world of programming, the toughest part can simply be knowing where to begin your journey.

The types of programming languages available are quite varied. Indeed, there are dozens to choose from. Thankfully, the further you move into your developer journey, the more you’ll learn about which language is most suitable for your goals.

In this article, we introduce some of the world’s top programming languages. As you read, take note of what each language is most used for – including web, mobile, game development and more.


One of the most popular programming languages in the world, every skilled programmer should at least be familiar with it. Python is intuitive, easy to read and learn, and uses syntax that makes it popular for both beginners and advanced programmers. Python is widely applicable and used across various web applications (e.g., YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and more). For more on the history of Python, click here.


According to the 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript has been the most popular language among developers for eight years in a row! Its flexible syntax works across all major browsers and is among the friendliest of languages for beginner users. Suitable for adding response elements on web pages, it is used most frequently for front-end development. Google, Wikipedia, and many other major websites were created using JavaScript.


Java is one of the oldest languages out there, but it’s still highly in demand. Thanks to its strong memory allocation, scalability, and high performance, Java is especially favored by large organizations like Amazon and Twitter. Likewise, if you are interested in the development of Android applications, Java is the language for you! For more on the history of Java, click here.


C/C++ is one of the fastest programming languages and is often used to develop other languages! Thanks to its high-level functionality, the language is used in operating systems, kernel systems, low-level systems, and more. It also plays a major role in game development, computer graphics, and virtual reality code development. Many large companies hire C/C++ developers, including Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft and more.

R Language

Data Science, Statistical Analysis, and Machine Learning are becoming hugely popular across industries. This has caused R to move to the top of the list of most popular programming languages. Similar to Python, R provides a large set of libraries and frameworks-which makes it very useful for developing Machine Learning algorithms. Other features that make the R language increasingly popular include its strong graphic capabilities, cross-platform compatibility, and high extensibility. If you are interested in working for a company that deals in data analysis and visualization, R might be the right language for you.

Conclusion: Top Computer Programming Languages

There is no indication that the importance of programming is going anywhere but up! If you are a new developer, think carefully about what kind of industry you want to work in, and what you envision your career path to be. All the languages above are among the top programming languages used today!