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What is a Travel Nurse? | Infographic

So what is a travel nurse?

A travel nurse is a skilled healthcare professional who takes assignments in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities for short-term staffing needs. From rural areas to busy cities, travel nurses can be assigned anywhere in the US and even in other countries. In this infographic, we discuss a few different segments of travel nursing, and answer some of the most commonly asked questions!

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Travel Nurse Infographics

Travel nursing has become a staple in the healthcare field, as there is a nationwide shortage of nurses. Nursing shortages occur thanks to seasonal challenges (flu season), changes in clinical/ specialty-related needs, or in response to rare catastrophes (such as earthquakes or events like COVID-19).

Amidst a nationwide shortage of nursing, travel nursing has become an appealing career choice for both full and part-time nurses. Like any other career, the field has pros and cons. It is up to each individual, in their unique circumstances, to decide if travel nursing is right for them.

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