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Workplace Mindfulness Training: The Judge Difference

In the final installment of our mindfulness blog series, we will share what is different about The Judge Group’s approach to mindfulness coaching. (Read part one on combatting turnover and increasing mental health amongst employees and part two on improving ROI through healthy, happy employees.)

The Judge Group’s approach to mindfulness coaching started with an internal initiative to help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as increase productivity, concentration, empathy, optimism, and self-confidence among employees. We combined our deep subject matter expertise in mindfulness with our pedigree as an award-winning provider of enterprise learning and development solutions to create a program that would help organizations achieve new levels of efficiency, creativity, and employee retention.

The Judge Method

Our method can be tailored to your unique employee and business needs but is based on our proven six-week program.

Over the six-week program, our instructors take every opportunity to ensure they are supporting participants in their learning and application of mindfulness techniques. The term “mindfulness” is used to refer to both physical and mental experiences. At its root, a state of mindfulness means an individual is more focused, present, and dialed into the moment without interpretation or judgment, as opposed to disengaged or distracted.

Key Messages

Regardless of how many weeks the program we develop for you may be, we have developed a core of six major lessons. These lessons cover everything from a mindfulness introduction to moving forward after the training. These lesson topics are designed for participants to truly build a foundation of knowledge and facilitate transfer to their personal and professional lives. Each week has its own theme such as how to be present with difficult situations and how to cultivate kindness.

What sets Judge’s workplace mindfulness coaching apart?

The Judge Group has been proactive in bringing mental health training to organizations. While popular mindfulness apps provide mindfulness resources as well, they require you to learn on your own, rather than from an instructor via a holistic, time-tested curriculum. Our learning solution includes a virtual instructor-led training (vILT) proven to provide lasting benefits for employees and the business. By incorporating continual team check-ins as well, the lessons encourage connections and interaction between participants and help the training stick.

Another aspect of our mindfulness training that sets us apart is the design. Our program design considers various employee roles and how to reach them, such as salespeople and creative types. In addition, many mindfulness programs are taught by mindfulness experts, not learning experts. Because of this, the ability to learn and transfer to one’s daily life suffers. Judge’s program was designed by mindfulness experts who are also learning specialists, therefore ensuring you get the best ROI from the training.

Judge Mindfulness Training, a lesson for success

Thanks to our dedicated instructors and our teaching method, 100% of participants reported experiencing positive effects from the mindfulness training, while 85% reported a reduction in stress and 71% reported an increase in empathy and optimism.

Learn more about our blended mindfulness program designed by trained mindfulness coaches in this case study.

Bring mindfulness to your workplace by contacting a learning specialist today.