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Apparel Company Seeks Assessment and Roadmap in Effort to Bring Microsoft Product Licensing into Compliance

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Executive Summary

A prominent provider of wholesale apparel, promotional products, and imprintable goods, sought a comprehensive readiness assessment and pre-audit to evaluate their existing Microsoft products and identify potential licensing gaps. With a conglomerate of 10 companies that have been integrated over the last two decades, the organization needed expert guidance to assess the current state of its Microsoft licensing structure.

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The Challenge: Navigating Microsoft Licensing Challenges for Compliance Audit

The client recognized the need for a comprehensive readiness assessment to validate existing Microsoft product licenses and identify potential gaps prior to an upcoming compliance audit. The challenge was to conduct a comprehensive inventory across the entire organization consisting of multiple integrated companies and map a path for compliance with Microsoft’s licensing agreements. The complexities extended beyond a mere enumeration of software and licenses; they required a nuanced understanding of the interactions between various software suites, Microsoft Server Core products, MS Azure, and the entire virtual infrastructure.

The Solution: A Proactive Approach with the Microsoft Assessment & Planning Toolkit

Judge Consulting adopted a proactive approach to tackle the client’s Microsoft licensing challenge, delving into their entire Microsoft landscape and usage. This initiative aimed not only to ensure product alignment across their integrated entities but also compliance with Microsoft’s licensing protocols.

The cornerstone of this solution was the implementation of the Microsoft Assessment & Planning Toolkit (MAP Toolkit). This tool, as well as the results from an internal survey, served as the compass, meticulously navigating through the organization’s MS Office products, Microsoft Server Core products, MS Azure, and the expansive virtual infrastructure. The process involved a meticulous comparison of the MAP Toolkit output with Judge’s inventory of their current assets and aligning it with the existing Microsoft volume licensing agreement, purchased licenses, and any Microsoft Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) licenses. Judge had also obtained reports from the client’s third-party vendor who had acquired Microsoft licenses still held by the company. This contributed to a thorough examination of every facet of their Microsoft ecosystem, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of accuracy and completeness.

The Result: Comprehensive Licensing Readiness Assessment, Roadmap, and Realignment for Microsoft Compliance

Through a meticulous process of discovery and analysis, Judge Consulting successfully uncovered and addressed significant licensing challenges for the client. The identification of 4,400 Windows Server Cores marked a critical milestone, requiring precise licensing to ensure compliance and avoid potential issues. Judge’s strategic approach involved a thorough grouping and categorization of similar issues, creating a complete and accurate inventory and a streamlined list of challenges with a comprehensive remediation plan. This method not only made the complexities more manageable but also provided a roadmap for effective resolution.

While working with a third-party reseller, Judge identified and strategically applied 136 Enterprise Server Core licenses and 276 Standard Core licenses already in possession by the client. By adhering to Microsoft’s complex licensing rules and regulations, Judge successfully narrowed the gap to a mere 104 Windows Standard Server Core licenses. The strategic application of existing licenses demonstrated Judge’s commitment to optimizing resources and ensuring fiscal responsibility for the client. This reduction in licensing not only positioned the client for compliance with Microsoft, but also resulted in substantial cost savings. The assessment and realignment process were executed flawlessly, with no interruption to the client’s business operations. Judge’s guidance not only ensured compliance with Microsoft but also laid a foundation for continued success, showcasing the ability to navigate complex licensing landscapes with precision and expertise.


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