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Responsive Web Design Ensures Application Compatibility Across Handheld Devices

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Executive Summary

A healthcare franchise with over 1,000 providers was launching a new computer-based orthodontic treatment planning application that would enable dentists to use cone beam CT and optical scans to create 3D models of patient’s teeth. However, the application needed to be configured for compatibility across all the provider’s preferred handheld devices.

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The Challenge: Developing a seamless application across multiple devices

The company needed to be able to take photos of various angles of patient’s teeth easily and quickly using Intraoral scanners – devices that capture direct optical impressions in dentistry. They are a crucial component of modern dental practices, allowing for more accurate restorations and more efficient relationships with labs. Digital impressions also improve the patient experience by reducing chair time and enabling multiple systems to use these photos during a patient visit. Since the company’s providers use different handheld devices, the application had to be compatible with and intuitive on numerous handheld devices, including iPads and Galaxy tablets.

The Solution: Responsive web design and user interface

When a dentist orders images, the order contains 3D oral scans, headshots, and a prescription. The application had to provide a seamless end-to-end flow that would introduce minimal disruption to the carefully coordinated activities conducted during a patient visit. To ensure the application would work across a variety of devices, Judge Consulting, a division of The Judge Group, utilized responsive web design and angular materials as a user interface component library.

As a result, office staff could point their preferred device at the patient to begin capturing all nine required angles for the patient’s dental profile. The application then determined overlay guides and instructions with minimal manual navigation required by the user. Once the images were captured, the application pushed them directly to a shared server designated for that office, where the rest of the enterprise applications the office staff utilized could incorporate the images into their existing interfaces.

The Result: Custom design and implementation of application

The volume of features delivered in the timeline was significant. Judge Consulting delivered the entire application (and an interim version) in one month, under budget, aligned to the project plan, and without flaws.

Judge Consulting provides design and implementation of mini-applications to fill urgent custom system-to-system integration gaps.