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Custom Mobile Training Application

Executive Summary

A leading North American distributor of the world’s top luxury wine, spirits, and beer brands turned to Judge Learning Solutions for help developing a custom learning solution for over 2,000 commercial drivers tasked with using a new application to meet the requirements of the Federal Electronic Mandate system.

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The Challenge: Training application to reduce the risk of compliance violations

With service areas spanning the North American region, the company needed an easy-to-follow training application for a new system that would allow its drivers to learn and retain procedures, reducing the risk of compliance violations.

Due to new requirements mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the company was switching from its current hours of service tracking system to a new, compliant Electronic Logging Device (ELD) system. The company’s drivers were immediately faced with a steep learning curve as they attempted to navigate the new application and perform federally required functions that differed from their previous tracking system.

To combat this learning curve, the company deployed standard PowerPoint-based training; however, it was not a great fit for the drivers who learn best with hands-on training.

The Solution: An immersive training experience

The company partnered with Judge Learning Solutions (JLS) to develop a custom mobile training application so the company’s drivers could learn the new processes in a safe and controlled environment. JLS was tasked to design and develop an immersive training experience for an hours-of-service application that would increase adoption and improve compliance with the federal mandate.

To effectively develop the application, JLS initiated a discovery process that included conversations with key stakeholders within the organization. As a result, JLS divided the application into two segments, initial training and performance support.

To learn the processes, a JLS Instructional Designer evaluated 16 of the most commonly completed driver tasks throughout a normal day. Using this knowledge, JLS was able to create a training application that allowed drivers to practice how to track and record service hours while traveling. The Instructional Designer determined that it was critical for the drivers to practice using an Android device since it was one of the requirements of the new hours of service application. The initial training instructs drivers on how to use the application while they get up to speed on the procedures. The performance support portion allows drivers to refresh their memory or learn a less commonly used task at the time of need as ongoing support after the new system is live.

The Result: 100% Success

As a result, JLS developed a self-paced, mirrored simulation, which provided the drivers with step-by-step learning for completing common daily tasks.

The application was separate but sat alongside the fleet software on the Android device for easy access and future performance support. Drivers used the application by following guided prompts, moving forward through the process by tapping the correct location on the screen. Instructions and callouts were provided to teach the correct steps for each task in a self-paced environment. Using this training, drivers were able to quickly and effectively learn the processes in a safe, controlled environment, without the risk of mistakes leading to possible federal violations of their actual hours of service.

JLS wanted to provide additional practice and added a “Day 2 Challenge,” where the instructions and callouts were removed, permitting drivers to test their memory with true, self-guided training. If a driver needed support completing the task, then tapping the screen in an incorrect location would open a hint, directing them to the correct response. With the JLS application, drivers were able to learn firsthand about a user-friendly system before using the live environment regulated by the FMCSA.

Before JLS introduced the design solution, only 13% of drivers were able to successfully log in to their new hours of service application. After JLS’s solution, 100% of drivers successfully logged in at the pilot location.

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