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Enhancing Efficiency and Client Engagement in Sales Through Veeva Vault Integration

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Executive Summary

A leading pharmaceutical company faced challenges with its sales team spending excessive time and effort creating presentations from approved decks containing critical product information. To streamline the process, Judge Consulting provided a customized solution synchronizing with Veeva Vault, enabling easy searching, sorting, and assembling of new presentations using pre-approved slides

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The Challenge: Creating Custom Tailored Presentations for Diverse Client Needs

The client’s sales team was armed with a vast collection of approved presentation decks, each containing essential products and technical details crucial for engaging with clients. However, the sales team needed help with attempting to custom tailor presentations to meet the specific needs of their diverse clientele. The manual process of sifting through thousands of files and copying slides and information proved time-consuming, often leading to inconsistencies and errors. This tedious presentation creation process slowed the sales team’s efficiency and hindered their ability to dedicate valuable time and resources to engage with clients and boost sales.

The Solution: Streamlining Sales with Veeva Vault and Custom Web Interface

Judge Consulting engaged key stakeholders to understand the business’s requirements and guidelines to address the challenge. The proposed solution involved synchronizing with Veeva Vault to maintain up-to-date slides and decks and creating a custom web interface. The interface allowed users to view all available decks, effectively sort information with advanced filters, and easily construct new presentations using existing materials. The search functionality, gallery views, and drag-and-drop features enhanced the user experience, allowing seamless organization and reordering of slides. The solution also added a standard slides such as title, closing, and agenda slides as well as preapproved disclaimer information necessary for slide decks with proprietary and sensitive information for a highly regulated industry.

The Result: Boosting Sales Team Efficiency and User Experience

Implementing Judge’s solution significantly improved the sales team’s efficiency, enabling quick access to relevant and approved materials and expediting the presentation-building process. By synchronizing with Veeva Vault, the client’s team could ensure they always used the latest versions of constantly changing information and materials. As a result, the sales team could focus more on selling and engaging with clients rather than spending excessive time on presentation preparation. The continued support from Judge Consulting, with regular updates and improvements based on user feedback, ensured the solution’s ongoing effectiveness and relevance.