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Enterprise Learning Solutions for Successful EMR System Conversion

Executive Summary

After acquiring a new hospital, a leading network of health care providers in the Southern, New Jersey region needed to convert its new facility to the Siemens Soarian Clinicals electronic medical records (EMR) system. The company enlisted the help of Judge Learning Solutions to assist with the conversion.

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The Challenge: Converting to a solution staff did not choose

The hospital was almost one year into an implementation plan for an alternative EMR system when it was acquired. The acquiring health system required the hospital to pivot to the Siemens Soarian EMR system. As the company did not replace senior leadership at the acquired facility, the company was also challenged to build enthusiasm among the existing facility leadership who were tasked with halting the implementation of their chosen software to begin a new implementation with a competing product.

The Solution: Enterprise learning solutions to affect the change needed

To soften the transition, the company partnered with Judge Learning Solutions (JLS) to provide organizational change management and training. Once a change strategy was created and management started to buy in, JLS established a team of experienced Soarian Trainers and support professionals to train staff and provide go-live support.

To ensure a successful transition to the Siemens system, JLS built a training and activation plan based on the facility’s physical plant, patient census, and providers that were identified as requiring the most attention and reassurance. As the project evolved, JLS managed the training and support for professional teams onsite, and modified schedules in real-time to ensure client support met the demands of a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week hospital schedule.

Incorporating a variety of services including change management, consulting, and learning, JLS managed the conversion in conjunction with hospital leadership to provide as seamless a transition as possible. JLS would continue to provide ongoing education and support after the implementation period to support future system changes and train new employees.

The Result: A successful conversion and increased morale

By combining enterprise learning solutions to provide a comprehensive adoption strategy, JLS helped the company to convert its new facility to the Soarian Clinicals EMR system successfully. Staff morale increased dramatically, and the system achieved near-universal adoption. In total, JLS trained and supported 45 physicians, 110 nurses, and 30 back-office staff. The transition was such a success that the company would partner with Judge Learning Solutions two more times in the future.