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Help Desk SOS: Streamlining IT and Infrastructure Support

Executive Summary

Realizing the key to accelerating their business hinged on better supporting their employees’ help desk and infrastructure support, this multinational investment bank turned to The Judge Group for an outsourced managed services IT solution.

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The Challenge: Supporting infrastructure and help desk needs

With tens of thousands of employees seeking help desk support for Linux, Windows, and the ServiceNow platform, additional time spent resolving service requests has a significant impact on business for this Fortune 100 organization. In addition, they had a significant need for a high-performing engineering team to help support infrastructure services across the enterprise. To meet customer expectations for digital services and speed, the organization realized it needed to find a partner with an outsourced solution that would ensure its IT operations stay up-to-speed with the evolving marketplace.

The Solution: A turnkey managed services solution

The firm engaged The Judge Group to identify challenges with their current approach to help desk and IT infrastructure support. After uncovering employee pain points and current support gaps, Judge utilized its experience in road mapping IT support teams to address the need. With a framework for the needed support in place, Judge quickly tapped into their network of professionals to identify the best talent based on skill, experience, and company culture. Judge built a high-performing team of L1 help desk and infrastructure engineers. This team was led and managed by a Judge engagement manager, responsible for governance, oversight, analysis, and reporting of the team’s ongoing health and performance.

The Result: 20% reduction in call time, 100% call resolution goal

With the new team in place, help desk calls for Linux, Windows, and ServiceNow platform support were resolved 20% faster than benchmarks. In addition, the team met 100% of their call volume goal on a weekly basis, ensuring that the organization’s employees received help exactly when they needed it.

Judge’s engagement manager enabled smoother onboarding, faster background checks, and better performance reporting for engineering team members. The organization also gained deeper insight into its ongoing engineering hiring needs and a repeatable plan for creating and maintaining job requirements for the team.