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Overseeing Infrastructure Upgrades and Managed Services for a Biomedical Research Organization Leading the Way in Organ Donation

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Executive Summary

A renowned not-for-profit organization, with over forty years of experience specializing in biomedical research, encountered challenges in optimizing their technical infrastructure and updating their critical call center system. Judge Consulting was engaged to design a comprehensive solution addressing both technical and operational needs and providing a modern solution enhancing the flexibility and functionality of their call center while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

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The Challenge: Multiple Vendors Supporting Infrastructure and an Aging Legacy Call Center System Leading to Inefficiencies and Technical Issues

The client was confronted with a two-fold challenge. The first challenge was to optimize their technical infrastructure to keep pace with the evolving demands of modern research and technologies, while the second challenge involved updating and modernizing their phone systems for the call center without causing interruptions to business operations. Complicating matters was the fact that the client had multiple vendors supporting their infrastructure and the legacy call center system crucial to their operations.

The Solution: Comprehensive Technical Oversight and Managed Services for Infrastructure and Call Center System Transformation

Having worked with this client before, Judge Consulting had a general understanding of the current infrastructure and systems. Judge was tasked with designing a complete, custom solution that addressed both the technical and operational needs of the client. Judge provided a widespread approach to monitor, regulate, and support their infrastructure systems, critical to operations. This included maintaining highly sensitive environments within their facilities and labs essential to the research and storage of donated organs and tissues.

The Result: Achieving Seamless Integration, Enhanced Operational Efficiency, and Enhancement of Biomedical Support

The result of the engagement is a transformed technical landscape, characterized by heightened efficiency, resilience, and reliability. By assuming oversight of infrastructure operations, Judge Consulting implemented a suite of cutting-edge solutions, including 24/7 server and network monitoring, resource updates, meticulous patch management services, and robust business continuity and disaster recovery plans, ensuring the client’s IT ecosystem’s reliability and efficiency. The new call center systems enabled the client to have confidence in their employee’s ability to work off-site and still support customers and meet strict compliance demands. It also allowed users and management to create a robust ticketing system to track, monitor, and manage support calls. With proactive monitoring and trusted support, the client can focus wholeheartedly on advancing biomedical research and managing the organ donation database, confident in the reliability of their IT infrastructure. Together, they continue to drive innovation and make meaningful contributions to the field of biomedical research, impacting lives and shaping the future of healthcare.