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Pharmaceutical Leader Modernizes Its Operational Health With Critical Wireless Upgrade


Executive Summary

A U.S.-based multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation needed a wireless network upgrade to ensure always-on connectivity in its facilities. For this $75B organization, this critical infrastructure improvement ensured not only the corporation’s operational health, but the health of millions of patients who rely on its vaccines and medicines for immunology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology.

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The Challenge: Modernizing wireless infrastructure for a multi-use campus

The corporation’s multi-use facilities spanned over 1.5 million square feet and included aseptic clean rooms, warehousing, manufacturing facilities, office space, and loading docks. The corporation’s legacy wireless infrastructure failed to meet its complex needs and wasn’t sufficient to support its future plans to utilize emerging technologies within its operations. The previous managed service provider (MSP) missed opportunities to design a solution to optimize the corporation’s connectivity. By not successfully upgrading, the wireless network could risk falling behind operationally and the facilities potentially becoming obsolete over time. In addition, the corporation was concerned about spiraling costs and scope creep for this much-needed upgrade, since its previous experience was time-consuming and involved multiple change orders.

The Solution: Providing the expertise to get the job done right the first time

Judge Consulting’s wireless infrastructure team scouted the facility to measure and assess frequencies and signal strength to determine optimal locations for wireless access points. These assessments focused on the unique challenges of the facility and its researchers, including a logistics center responsible for the receipt, storage, and shipment of cold-chain pharmaceutical products, as well as wearable technology and augmented reality (AR) required for the efficient vaccine and medication movement. Judge presented a design and implementation plan that would outfit the facilities to maximize efficiencies today and accommodate technology updates well into the future. Judge managed the wireless migration lifecycle and provided oversight of the cable installation vendor and network service providers to ensure the wireless network met the needs identified in the site survey report. Activities included asset tagging, CMDB updates, change control requests, physical AP mounting verification, AP adoption, cutover/turn up, end device acceptance, and day-two support.

The Result: Zero change orders, fewer support tickets, and better overall wireless performance

Judge helped the corporation navigate a complicated cutover that minimized the facility’s exposure to risk and impact on operations, especially with over 1 million square feet under a single roof. The post-installation site assessment determined the newly installed wireless network met the performance goals identified in the original site survey. The project was completed on time and on budget with zero change orders. The overall performance of the wireless network improved, and the number of support tickets from staff members using the wireless network was reduced. In addition, the corporation presented the project and its outcomes internally as benchmarks for how a successful partnership should work. Judge Consulting continues to be the exclusive wireless and managed service provider for the organization.

Judge Consulting continues to be the client’s exclusive wireless and managed service provider.

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